What are your computing needs? Helping you choose your apple

Many traditional PC owners are now contemplating making a big change to a Mac. Apple computers are increasingly occupying a larger slice of the market when it comes to personal computers. The ‘Mac vs PC’ TV commercials that launched movie star Justin Long’s career and helped distinguish Apple products as a brand. Meanwhile, as more people worry about identity theft and viruses, not to mention compatibility with other popular Apple products, including the iPhone and iPad, Apple is really becoming a popular consideration for both the home and home. as for work.

Walk into any Apple flagship store or electronics retailer and you might be overwhelmed by the number of options available. There is screen after screen after screen to look at and they come in all shapes and sizes. However, there is much more to consider than screen size when it comes to making your purchase.

Desktop or laptop?

The old question remains true, but recent developments in laptop technology have meant that many portable machines are now as powerful as their desktop counterparts. However, there are still a number of key distinctions worth considering between Apple desktops and laptops.

For desktop computers, the iMac It’s sleek and powerful with great graphics and a faster processor, making it perfect for tackling graphics-intensive tasks at home or work like basic video editing. Meanwhile, if you are just looking for a basic computer model at a very affordable cost, the Mac mini it sells for just under $ 1000.

Meanwhile, laptops are certainly more portable and easier to own, and Apple has designed a laptop to meet your needs. Tea MacBook Air is, as the name suggests, lightweight and compact to carry and costs less than $ 1000. In the meantime, if it’s a performance you’re after, Macbook it is perfect for day-to-day computing and has the ability to handle more intensive tasks such as design and games.

For professional use, including professional graphic design, composition and music design, the Macbook Pro offers superior power and capacity in a portable machine. Meanwhile, the heavy lifting Mac Pro delivers unmatched performance with 12 cores of processing power and graphics capabilities five times faster than standard cards – this is the PC that leaves its rivals behind.

As Apple continues to innovate, these computer models are constantly being updated and developed. With this in mind, people looking to keep up with the latest technology can choose to rent a MacBook or other Apple computer so they can easily upgrade when a new model is released.

Mobile: Apple on the go

Mobile computing technology has grown by leaps and bounds and smartphones are no longer limited for business use. And of course the introduction of Apple iPhone has put the power and fun of a personal computer in the palm of your hand.

While it’s certainly not a replacement for your laptop or personal computer, the tablet is gaining significant ground in mobile computing as a popular alternative to netbook counterparts. Paving the way in tablet computing is the Apple iPad, which works seamlessly with traditional iPhone applications. The iPad has also been touted as a great e-book reader, changing the way we consume digital content.

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