The Transformers – The Sensational Sizzling DVD Release

The Transformers, robots in disguise. You’ve likely heard this promotional slogan more times than you can count lately. Transformers were hugely popular over 20 years ago and they definitely made a comeback in 2007. Those who were skeptical that the new Transformers movie could be compared to the ’80s episodes were very happy to admit they were wrong.

The Transformers ended up being one of the highest grossing movies of 2007 and the next DVD release is expected to be very high as well. Most of the Transformers were the same as in the cartoons, but the main exception in the area of ​​the new Transformers is with Bumblebee.

Most of us loved this fun, energetic, and dedicated Autobot that was transformed into a yellow and black Volkswagen Beetle. However, he shines in the new Transformers movie as a Camaro. First as an older model that could take a lot of work and then as a new Camaro that looks like the 2009 models that can be ordered but not yet released. While this was a huge risk for the production team, it is one that went quite well with Transformers lovers.

With the rumors about the success of the new Transformers movie and the upcoming DVD release, there is even more good news. There is a sequel in the works that should be available in 2008. While the movie’s plot is kept top secret, you can be sure that it will be very interesting and action-packed like the first Transformers movie. In the meantime, I have something to help you pass the time while you want it published.

Watching the new Transformers movie really made a lot of people miss out on the old episodes they watched when they were little. Many of them shared stories with the younger generations about the various episodes they remember seeing from the Transformers. Well now you can do more than just remember those old cartoons or tell others about them.

You can get the complete box of limited edition 15 rare DVDs with everything you can think of. This complete Transformers set covers the first four seasons (98 episodes total). The original animated Transformers movie and a bonus DVD with exciting material you haven’t seen anywhere else. They come in a very durable metal tin so you can always keep Transformers DVDs together and safe.

For your personal enjoyment, you will also receive a keychain that you can wear, 12 collectible postcards, and 3 collector’s cards that are very rare. You will be surprised how low the price is for this complete Transformers limited edition DVD set. The quality of all these items is very good, so do not miss the opportunity to purchase them. There aren’t many of them left, and you need to make sure you have one of them to enjoy when you want to see the Transformers in action.

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