Whether the dad in your life is a tough, rebellious guy or prefers Armani suits to T-shirts and jeans, there’s a gift that will show him how much you appreciate all he does for you. Whether he prefers to spend the afternoon improving his disability or playing video games, there’s something in this holiday gift guide for his dad, husband or significant other. We’re skipping some of the more obvious and expensive items like TVs and grills. Instead, we are giving you some fresh and creative ideas. And if that special guy isn’t a dad, he’ll love these items too!

corporate dad

It’s polished with a capital P. Right down to his shiny Italian leather shoes, the guy in your life wouldn’t be seen without a pristine button-down shirt and a pair of ironed dress pants. Or maybe he needs a little push in the right direction. Either way, you’ll appreciate the luxury and quality of these elegant rags.

The classic white shirt

Nothing looks more stylish than a cool herringbone white shirt with French cuffs like one from Forzieri.

Ties (guys really like them!)

Ties get a bad rap as a stash gift for men, but if your guy works in an office, wear ties! And any savvy businessman knows that all the components of his work together send a message. A fancy silk tie is the only way to go. Trust us, you’ll love it (and use it).

The timeless watch

Corporate Dad is a busy guy, so he needs a stylish watch to keep him on time. He chooses something original that makes him smile every time he looks at the time. The Philip Stein Teslar watch with black ostrich strap is elegant and modern at the same time.


The wealthy dad needs a set of sharp cufflinks to hold those French cuffs together. He tries the Tahitian pearl cufflinks (that’s right, men can wear pearls too) from PurePearls.

watch and cufflink organizer

Granted, the corporate dad is a high roller type, but he might need a little help keeping all those pieces organized (watch, cufflinks, etc.), so give him a watch box and cufflinks, just make sure don’t do it. call him a jeweler, he might get a little fussy.

luxury briefcase

To complete the Corporate Dad look, you need a briefcase, but not just any briefcase. Though he won’t admit it, he’ll recognize the twinkle in his eye as he opened a package and smell the soft calfskin of his new luxury briefcase, just like Pierre Cardin’s.

on the way dad

On the Go Dad is always going somewhere, so give him the gift of a stylish (and comfortable) trip with these ideas.

travel bags

If your dad or significant other is always on the go, you don’t need a giant suitcase, but you also don’t want to end up with wrinkled suits. A foldable garment bag from Glaser Designs is the perfect solution for short trips.

And no businessman will travel anywhere without his laptop in tow. A designer laptop bag protects dad’s laptop and data in style.

travel neck pillow

Traveling can affect the neck and shoulders. Dad will appreciate this simple yet invaluable travel neck pillow from Magellan.


Whether the dad in your life flies a lot or drives cross-country, he’ll love this collection of heartwarming stories about fatherhood. NPR Driveway Moments for Dads is a collection of funny and heartwarming stories from the archives of National Public Radio that captures the essence of fatherhood. They’re so good, you may not even leave the driveway!

enthusiastic dad

season tickets

Whatever your dad’s favorite sporting event, or maybe it’s the opera! Season tickets are the gift that keeps on giving.

golf clubs

Seasoned golfer or novice, every golfer knows The Big Bertha. Get him what he always wanted but never bought for himself. He is a good father, he deserves it!

knowledgeable dad

wine cork set

Take the headache out of opening wine with a gourmet wine cork set. You can find them pretty much anywhere, including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Cost Plus World Market, liquor stores, department stores, and online.

wine accessories

Stumped for a gift idea? Give dad a gift basket filled with wine accessories like wine stoppers, wine bags, wine labels, and a wine journal. For a truly unique gift, there’s Wine Enhancer, which uses special technology to make wine smoother and brighter, and improve the drinkability of young wines.

gourmet coffee

Lots of guys have to have their morning cup of joe. Go beyond Folgers or Starbucks and get you gourmet coffee beyond your wildest dreams. Coined as the “the most expensive coffee in the world” At $288.00, Kopi Luwak Arabica ground coffee is one of the most sought after by coffee connoisseurs globally. This rare coffee is harvested and roasted in the Indonesian archipelago. Extremely limited, only 700 pounds a year produced.


Granted, tea isn’t usually the first gift idea that comes to mind for many dads, but hear me out. The hassle of tea balls and infusers is too much for many guys. Adagio has a solution: the triniTEA, an electric teapot that simplifies the preparation of loose tea. This all-in-one device brews tea at the flip of a switch. A warming plate under the carafe keeps the tea hot so it can be enjoyed for hours. They also stock fragrant loose teas and gourmet tea bags.

Tuxedo jacket (also known as a dress)

Give Dad a luxurious robe to wear over his favorite drink, like the Brioni Cashmere Herringbone Robe. Looking for a less expensive one? Try a silk robe from Dillards. And what is a dressing gown without slippers?

dad gear

wireless weather forecaster

Dads don’t like to be caught in unforeseen weather like the rest of us. They also like to know when the weather is going to be nice so they can play a round of golf. Get him the Brookstone Wireless Weather Station to keep dad up-to-date with real-time reports received via AccuWeather radio signals. No wiring, computer or TV required!

portable entertainment

The Sony Play Station Portable (PSP) is the ultimate portable entertainment device. For tech-savvy dads, the PSP can be customized for any personality. The PSP is the perfect mobile entertainment device for gaming, listening to MP3s, watching movies and sporting events, checking RSS feeds, browsing the Internet, and much more. A recent partnership with T-Mobile allows PSP users to take advantage of six months of free Wi-Fi at any T-Mobile hotspot found in airports and Starbuck’s coffee shops.

Gifts that all dads will love

custom gifts

Dads love to show off their family, so why not give him something to remind him of what a great family he has with a personalized gift? These days, you can get just about anything personalized, from mouse pads to pens and notepads to picture frames and mugs. Vista Print has everything you need for the perfect holiday gift.

dad’s cookbook

In addition to divorced parents, there are 15 million parents in families where both parents work and Dad is expected to take turns cooking dinner. There has never been a time when culinary skills have been so desirable but also so necessary for parents. So what’s a dad with culinary issues to do?

Dad’s Own Cookbook (Workman, $13.95) is the comprehensive culinary school for the bewildered. It’s for all the single parents facing new responsibilities in the kitchen, or the married parents who have to step up…and serve it up. Packed to the brim with 150 easy and delicious recipes, the book provides essential tips and techniques, from the basics, like preheating an oven, to the elaborate, like creating the perfect menu for a kid’s birthday party.

digital photo frame

For the modern dad, a digital photo frame is the perfect gift. The Pandigital 7″ Digital Photo Frame lets dad copy his photos, videos, and MP3 files directly from his memory card, digital camera, or PC. The frame easily stores up to 298 2-megapixel photos and has two interchangeable frames.

male hairdresser

Giving this gift can be a delicate matter, but believe us when we say that Dad will thank you (even if he is silent). Back hair care is not only delicate for men, it is also difficult to do! The MANGROOMER is the essential do-it-yourself back hair electric shaver for men. The unique design allows a man to remove unwanted back hair himself in the privacy of his own home or while he travels. It’s quick, easy and painless.

shaving case

Every man needs a shaving kit. Do it in style with a calfskin shaving kit from Cole Haan. If dad is a friend of the environment, he’ll like this Napa Soap Company shaving soap gift set. The long-lasting shave soap is packed with French clay, aloe vera, and soothing oils for a smooth shave. It comes in an environmentally friendly reusable antique cup with a badger bristle brush. Available in three cool blends: Lavender Cedar, Cool Mint Rosemary, or Ocean.

What is your perfect Christmas gift for dad?

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