Turning 65 is, for many, a sign that it’s time to start taking life a little more slowly. The vast majority of people are retired at this age, but that doesn’t mean that all fun has disappeared from life – quite the opposite! It’s a great excuse to get great 65th birthday gifts to really help your loved one celebrate their day in style.

There are some really cool traditional gifts available for 65th birthday gifts. For example, you can treat the person celebrating their birthday with a gorgeous afternoon tea for two in a variety of great locations. There are places across the country that offer delicious afternoon teas and some of them even include a glass of champagne, which is sure to make a truly memorable birthday present.

Our love of chocolate remains with us throughout our lives too, so why not please the birthday boy with a wonderful chocolate gift? For example, you could get them a tasty chocolate or even a Tower of Treats basket, which is exactly what the name suggests: a tower of treats in a basket. There is Chilean wine, sweets, cakes, and shortbread cookies in the basket, as well as much, much more.

You can also let the person celebrating their birthday know that you have really thought about their gift by getting them a personalized gift. A very good option here is a personalized bottle of wine, champagne or whiskey, as this allows you to satisfy their tastes and at the same time offer a gift that the vast majority of people will appreciate.

Most 65-year-olds have more free time than they would have had in their youth, so their birthday can be a great opportunity to send them on an exciting journey. For example, if they like the sport, you can send them on a tour of the Lords cricket ground or to see some horse racing. There are also plenty of great “dinner and show” gifts that you are sure to love. If your 65-year-old loves seeing the sights, then a trip to the Tower of London might be the ticket.

They are also sure to adore the gardens at Paradise Wildlife Park, where they will not only enjoy the stunning surroundings, but also a delicious cream tea. For a more unusual gift for someone who already has everything they need, a very good option might be to make them the Laird or Lady of a piece of Scottish land. It’s a gift that’s full of humor, but it also lets them know how much they mean to you. Naming a star their name is another gift they are sure to appreciate, no matter what their tastes are.

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