Hollywood stardom has taken its toll on Britney Spears. Being popular at a young age, achieving success early in life, and then going through various traumatic experiences can be really detrimental to your personality.

Poor lady, she has been harshly criticized by audiences around the world since she got married in Las Vegas which lasted only 55 hours and married a second time, this time to her backup dancer Kevin Federline. Unfortunately, her second marriage to two children also ended in divorce after just two years. Recently, Britney has also been ridiculed for partying too often than usual in skimpy outfits.

And recently, two days after Valentine’s Day, Britney shocked both concerned fans and non-fans when she decided to go bald and get her back and wrist tattooed. In fact, she shaved her head herself after none of the staff at Esther’s Haircutting Studio in the San Fernando Valley wanted to. Spears got an electric razor and just shook all of her hair off her head. After the incident, the salon owner created a website to sell the 25-year-old Hollywood star’s hair and other things for a whopping one million dollars. The lucky person who can make the highest bid will get the knotty dark hair extensions, the razor he used to shave his head, the Red Bull he drank in the salon, and his lighter.

Following her highly unusual behavior, Britney entered a rehab facility as confirmed by her manager Larry Rudolph. Spears volunteered to register for a rehab center in Los Angeles, an act many people see as finally yielding to the advice of her family and others close to her. Television shows and entertainment websites also revealed that the young celebrity had been in and out of rehab in the past week.

Britney’s outrageous behavior displayed in public lately has led millions of fans to be more concerned about their idol. New York psychiatrist Gail Saltz said Spears may be experiencing postpartum depression and that her divorce is an added burden. “It’s really difficult for celebrities … they have no idea if someone likes them for being themselves. Everybody wants a piece,” Saltz added.

On the other hand, magazine editor Ian Drew described Spears as “a child star who falls apart and is the perfect example of when a child star becomes an adult and does not receive positive advice or adequate support.” Starting very young in a very competitive business really has its drawbacks.

As for her children, her ex-husband’s attorney previously said that both Britney and Kevin will share custody of their one-year-old son Sean Preston and five-month-old Jayden James. The separated couple reached a custody agreement last January with Federline saying that she loves her children and will always be there for them.

Britney fans around the world wish the Hollywood star well as she tries to correct whatever is necessary in her life while inside the rehab facility. It is the hope of many entertainment fans that she comes out with a better attitude and perspective in life and that she will soon return to singing and dancing while at the same time tackling the role of motherhood for her two children.

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