Vacations during the summer are one of the most anticipated fascinations of the year. In a country like the US, there is no end to finding a picturesque and tempting place to spend a vacation. The wonderful recent experience that I thoroughly enjoyed was Virginia Beach. Picturesque and eventful, Virginia Beach sits on the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. With its stunning beach views, three-mile-long boardwalk, and a variety of water activities, Virginia Beach attracts nearly three million tourists each year.

Choosing a comfortable but reasonably priced hotel was probably the first thought that came to mind while planning a vacation. In Virginia Beach, some of the best hotel options that appealed to me were:

Barclay Cottage Bed and Breakfast, one of only two remaining Victorian cottages in Virginia Beach, luxurious and comfortable.

The Courtyard by Marriott Virginia Beach Oceanfront South gives you an incredible ocean view, with a clean and luxurious environment.

The Capes Hotel, where you can enjoy private oceanfront balconies, indoor pools, deluxe rooms, and Jacuzzi suites.

La Quinta Inn and Suites, Virginia Beach, comfortable stay with friendly staff.

After several reflections, I chose The Capes Hotel for all the luxuries they offer at an affordable price. After settling into a good hotel, my mind was set on the exciting variety of activities to enjoy in the city, with water activities being the most fascinating. The Rudee rocket, a seventy foot long yellow boat, gives you a wild, wet and fun filled experience, taking you on a fantastic dolphin watching in the middle of the ocean. Rudee Inlet Jet Ski Rentals, where you can make your way along the Virginia Beach shoreline in one-, two-, or three-seat boats. You can enjoy exciting kitesurfing and of course there are several attractive water parks. But the most amazing experience I had, despite my husband’s constant and terrifying warnings, was paragliding. The exciting and fun-filled takeoff of the parachute followed by a breathtaking view of the Virginia coastline as it soared high in the sky, it was simply indescribable.

The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, which is an 800,000 gallon aquarium with sharks, harbor seals, and other living species, along with several of its educational and engaging programs, is a perfect hangout for kids and adults alike. Adults.

Going on vacation without good food is inconceivable. Some of the best options would be Pulcinella Italian Restaurant for great pizza, Timbuktu for American food and seafood, Neighbor’s Pizzeria for pizza again, and La Herradura for great Mexican food. Exclusively for seafood, you can always try Steinhilber’s Thalia Acres Inn, Coastal Grill, and Hot Tuna Bar and Grill, where the fish is fresh and the dishes are consistently excellent.

Virginia Beach, with all its fantastic stay, great food, captivating views, and exciting activities, it really can be your next great vacation destination.

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