Diligence simply means the ability to pay due attention to a certain task. A diligent person will always pay attention to detail and perfection. No matter the nature of the task that has been entrusted to you, diligence will always be applied.

Who must reach the top must be diligent. Diligence is a habit and it starts with the little things around us; like being on time, responding to emails promptly, returning phone calls, and even keeping the relationship right. It is tested on how we handle the little things around us, how we manage the money, people, time and resources that we have.

The power of diligence will allow you to start something and finish it well.
Diligence goes beyond waiting to be rewarded for a good job. The reward of diligence does not manifest instantly, but it will surely come to the end like a farmer diligently watering the seed he planted. The harvest is sure to be massive, as long as you are diligent.

The power of diligence will lead us to the kingdom of prosperity
God will bless everyone who is diligent in everything they do, and they will benefit from it. The opposite is the case in the life of the lazy person, because they will suffer deficiencies. If you are an entrepreneur, diligence will give you an edge and keep you ahead of your competitors. Check the ants, they are dedicated to storing food in summer, and when winter comes, they live in prosperity and abundance. They work as a team and carry a heavy load diligently without complaining or feeling cheated.

Diligence will lead us before kings and rulers
You may be diligently doing a task, without considering whether or not you will be rewarded, but your reward will surely come. The Holy Bible expressly shares one of the rewards of diligence: “The diligent person will appear before kings and not before evil ones.” What an honor to stand before great men and to be recognized for their diligence. If you treat the assignment carelessly, it will eventually reflect on how it will eventually end.

Diligence will make you humble
The diligent are always associated with the virtue of humility. This wonderful virtue will eventually lead to the promotion and enlargement of the diligent in due course. There are countless examples of people who received small job offers and accepted them without looking back. They did their job diligently and humbly without complaining about the low pay, and when the opportunity for promotion came, they were never forgotten. That’s an example of the power of diligence.

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