5% of women find themselves in the unfortunate situation where their yeast infection gets worse after treatment. If you are one of these women, you are now suffering from what is known as chronic yeast infection. Here are the reasons why your yeast infection gets worse after using a Candida treatment.

resistant yeast

One reason your vaginal yeast infection has worsened with antifungal treatment is that the yeast has become resistant to the active ingredients in the cream or suppository. If you have used the treatment before the yeast will already know how to mutate to defend itself. The use of antibiotics is the most common way to create a stronger yeast strain. Antibiotics are now the biggest cause of yeast infections because they do more than kill the infection they were intended for.

Antibiotics are good at killing bacteria, but this means they also kill the friendly, beneficial bacteria in your body that are its own natural defense against fungi like mutated Candida yeast. Without your friendly bacteria protecting your vagina, and over-the-counter antifungal treatment further upsetting the bacterial balance, yeast has an easy time re-infecting you. And when it does, it comes back stronger and ready to defend itself against the next batch of treatment.

You could have an intestinal yeast infection

Chronic yeast infections can be a symptom of an intestinal yeast infection. Intestinal yeast infections will start by giving you symptoms that affect your digestive process. These include bloating and acid indigestion. Once the intestinal Candida overgrowth worsens, you will experience symptoms that affect your entire body, and these include symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, and pain in your muscles and joints.

Intestinal Candida infections can be caused by…

Antibiotic use

Bad diet rich in sugar and lacking in nutrition.

A health condition such as diabetes.

A weakened immune system

If you suspect you are suffering from intestinal Candida overgrowth, then your health will benefit from an anti-Candida protocol. This will attack the Candida from all angles, and not just kill the fungus like an antifungal drug will. When you use a drug to kill fungal overgrowth, you only create a better environment in your intestines for the fungus to infect you again.

You have another vaginal infection.

Rarely, women self-diagnose and get it wrong. This means that they are treating another vaginal bacterial infection with an over-the-counter yeast cure. This will only relieve the symptoms of the actual infection, and when the treatment is stopped, the symptoms of the actual infection will worsen again. Using an over-the-counter yeast infection treatment on another vaginal infection may actually cause a yeast infection. This is because the Candida that lives harmlessly in your vagina will mutate when you apply the antifungal cream or suppositories.

see your doctor

As soon as your yeast infection comes back, you should see your doctor. If you self-diagnosed your infection, your doctor can make sure you really do have a yeast infection. If you have been treating another infection of your vagina, you risk permanent damage to your kidneys and/or your reproductive organs if the actual infection is not treated correctly and on time.

natural cure for fungal infections

Once you have a correct diagnosis and know that you are suffering from recurrent yeast infections, then you have 2 options: you can use a stronger conventional antifungal treatment; Or you can use a natural yeast cure that will provide your body with everything it needs to rid your system of Candida yeast.

Natural yeast cures…

Strengthen your immune system

Starve the infection that causes Candida

kill the candida

Encourages new growth of your friendly bacteria.

Give you back your good health

Although it will go against your doctor’s advice, your body will thank you for using a natural cure instead of more antifungal medication.

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