If you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage and need a repair plan from the lender, what you may need is a hardship letter. A financial hardship letter to HSBC is a letter you should send to your mortgage company explaining why you did not make your payments on time.

The hardship letter should be sent to the collection department to convince them of the loan modification. This is the only chance to save your home, so you should write the memo properly with all precautions in mind.

Here are some HSBC features that will help homeowners fill out the form without any confusion in their mind:

Try not to exceed one page, as a long note will not draw the reader’s attention to it.

Be simple and clear in your words and try to personalize your subject as much as possible by including details of your current financial situation that will interest the reader to read it carefully and understand your situation.

· Your letter should include enough detailed information but to the point. Attach the required documents that may be necessary for the lender. You can include all your financial statements and income and expense statements.

Please ask HSBC to consider your loan modification application as it has taken the possible steps to meet its requirements.

Clear all HSBC doubts with possible reasons and tell them that you are fully committed to the bank and that you are looking forward to working in the future as well.

Finally, be humble and thank them in advance for approving your loan agreement.

Here is the sample format of the hardship letter that the borrower must send with the complete information to the HSBC mortgage lender.

Your name

Your adress

Bank names – HSBC

Loan account number

To end the letter, you should conclude with:

Yours sincerely / respectfully

His sign


If you want to successfully approve your HSBC loan, you must follow this format when writing a hardship letter. Make sure you read the guidelines given by the bank and work according to them.

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