It is always the priority of parents to keep their children safe. In fact, when parents are absolutely sure of their children’s safety, they can really enjoy seeing and experiencing all the “firsts” for their little ones. If your home is baby- or child-proofed, all you need to think about is ensuring the cleanliness of your play area. Here are some tips to keep in mind to baby-proof your home:

How to Baby-Proof Your Bedroom: Babies and toddlers often perceive closets and dressers as a stepladder, and may use it to climb and place items on top of it. To counteract this, it’s good to secure cabinets and furniture to the wall with furniture straps. Also, always secure medications and other dangerous substances in a cabinet or closet by using baby-proof latches or locks.

Your bathroom needs to be baby-proofed: Even if you stress to children that the bathroom is not a play area, they still take an interest in the toiletries that are placed inside the bathroom cabinets. As your children or babies become mobile, they become aware of the cabinets and drawers inside your home, and are curious about what is inside these compartments. Therefore, it is important to keep it closed and tightly closed. There are several types of cabinet security locks. These are magnetic cabinet locks, double action multi-purpose latches and locking cabinet latches. You can install any of these depending on your needs and preferences. Installing doorknob covers and cabinet latches or locks is a great way to let your little ones explore your home without compromising their safety.

Baby-proof your kitchen: Children often enjoy playing with light switches, appliances, and even stoves when they are in the kitchen. So, doorknob safety locks, electrical outlet covers, and stove knob covers are some of the things you need to childproof your kitchen.

Baby-proofing your living room: Whether you have a crawling baby, a terrible two, or a three, it’s a good idea to allow them to freely play and explore in a designated area in your home. However, there are some areas in the home that are off limits to children. These areas include the garage, home office, laundry room, basement, and bathrooms. Installing pressure mounted gates or child safety gates is an important measure to consider. This way your little ones can stay within the safe area.

Baby Proof Hallway Doors – Hallway doors can lead to child-restricted areas in your home, such as the laundry room, basement, and garage. The best thing you can do to prevent your little ones from entering these restricted areas is to install doorknob safety covers. It is ideal to install knob covers on the top of the door to prevent your children from being attracted to these parts. Child safety door knob covers are designed to prevent children from entering prohibited areas in the home or leaving their designated rooms or play area. These products are designed to fit standard doorknobs and match your home decor. These are ergonomically designed to completely wrap around the doorknob, allowing parents to have a better grip when entering a particular room. To use it, you just have to hook it to the door through its holes and gently rotate it.

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