Having trained American singer Gwen Stefani for the past fourteen years, I am in the best position to explain how celebrities like Gwen Stefani get so skinny and have amazing figures.

Many women wonder how Gwen Stefani can get a six-pack after having two children. How come Beyonce has such nice legs? What does Rihanna do to stay in shape? Well, first of all, celebrities have more pressure on them, specifically women, to stay in shape. When pressure increases, motivation also increases. You have to swim or die, there is no going back. Celebrities are often the hardest working people you are likely to meet and some of the most disciplined.

Celebrities don’t just take a wonderful weight loss pill and miraculously they are skinny and skinny. They have to train with perseverance, dedication and determination, there are no shortcuts. Yes, they have the luxury of a personal trainer, like me, knocking on their door every day, but coaches can’t do the exercises for them, they need to push themselves and their bodies to the upper limit.

Celebrities also follow strict diets, sometimes they can be quite extreme if they need to lose 10 pounds in a week, but most celebrity diets follow the same principles. Low in calories, low in carbohydrates, protein, and moderate fats (good fats!). Carb cycling is a popular celebrity diet plan, this method ensures that you are not constantly suffering from low carbohydrates and you can cycle on your potatoes, pasta, breads, etc. without spending whole weeks.

There are plenty of celebrity and fashion workout programs too, but don’t believe too much in hype, you can steer clear of honest hard work. Let’s face it, hard work doesn’t sell, but that’s what you need to do to lose weight. Weight training works wonders for women when it comes to losing body fat. The calories burned during an exercise session do not count, it is the post-elevation of your metabolism that really counts and when training with weights, having short periods of rest between sets raises your metabolic and hormonal rate higher than cardiovascular training at a pace. constant.

Weight training with a quality load and short rest periods also stimulates the release of growth hormone, which is a great fat burner and is the real key to stimulating fat loss in celebrities. This is an area that many women fail to take advantage of, but it can produce incredible results!

Interval cardio training is also a great training mode to stimulate fat loss. Instead of running for 30 minutes at a steady pace, run for 10 minutes at a steady pace, then run five 90-second intervals with a 60-second break in between. The pace when running the intervals would be significantly higher than the steady pace. This will increase the intensity and stimulate more fat loss!

In conclusion, celebrities benefit from having famous personal trainers, etc. But we can’t do the hard work of exercise and diet for them, all we can do is provide the right information in terms of diets, training programs, and exercises to get them on the right track. The key principles of dedication, discipline and determination should be central to any gain in fat loss.

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