Fantastic Contraption is a physics-based free online flash game. Your goal is to bring your pink wheel to the pink area by creating fantastic gadgets: wheels, connections between them and the other things that, while acting according to the law of physics, should propel your pink wheel towards your goal.

Fantastic Contraption is different from the other physics-based games in its great design and presentation. While everything is simple, everything is thought at the same time. Introduction guides you through the basics of the game in an excellent way, so that you understand the concept of the Fantastic Contraption game very quickly. This flash game has a great physics engine and a nice design, unlike other similar games, which have bugs or look ugly.

To build your machines from the parts, you have the following tools in the set: build wheels (either caster wheels or the static wheel, which won’t turn unless you push it), water rods are used to connect the wheels, the wooden rods will collide with the wheels and the rods to which they are not attached; The move and delete tools are used to modify your design. It even has a sharing tool, which allows you to save your machine in a special code to share with friends!

The process of building the machine is quite simple and straightforward: you choose and position the wheels, the connections between them, and the action begins. You can revise your design at any time by removing or moving the parts. The main challenge is to find out what kind of machine can reach the goal of the level. You can build machines as simple as possible to beat the level, or you can let your imagination run wild and build crazy big machines that reach the goal in the most twisted way possible! That is the beauty of the game, as it allows you to explore different possibilities and be as creative as you want.

The first levels are easy to connect to the game. In later levels, the game becomes progressively more challenging and even more interesting. If you like creating real life machines in an easy and entertaining way then by all means try this game – it’s online, it’s free, and it’s great!

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