If you don’t stand up for something, you will fall in love with anything. That’s what Dr. Phil says on his TV show. I think that is very deep.

It takes away your indifferent response to something, doesn’t it? The “I don’t care. What happens, happens” attitude.

Because you really want to be in control, don’t you? You don’t want to fall in love with “anything”.

In order not to fall for “anything”, YOU have to make a decision. If you don’t make a decision, you have actually made the decision not to decide. Therefore, someone else will make the decision for you.

We say things like “But I don’t know what to do.” Well guess what? You certainly won’t learn what to do if you don’t.

YOU have to stand up and take control. You have to choose. Because you actually have a vested interest in the outcome. Because if you don’t take a position, someone will make the decision for you. And you will “fall in love”, right? I ask with raised eyebrows.

It is a law of nature. Either you do what you know you should or you “fall in love” with something someone else wants.

Some people live their lives like this. They think, “Well, if I don’t do it, someone else will.” Great, huh? They are letting someone else live their life, aren’t they? Someone else will do whatever it takes, instead of them. Right or wrong that someone else is learning, instead of them.

Because everything we do is a learning process. If someone else learns, well …

If someone else does, they will reap the gains, good or bad. Those are gains YOU should have reaped, either way. Because life is what? A learning process. You must strive to keep learning.

You should want to reap the benefits of all experiences, bad. You should want to reap the benefits of all experiences, too bad. We learn most of our most valuable lessons from our mistakes.

You have to know what you represent, so you will know what you will not fall in love with. If you don’t know right now, find out right now – it makes life so much easier. Learn what it represents. Start a list and add it daily.

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