For players looking for the best horde guide for the World of Warcraft game, Joana’s Horde Leveling Guide is exactly what they need. This guide had seen numerous updates for the Burning Crusade Outland guide, and recently an update for the new World Of Warcraft expansion, Wrath Of The Lich King. The author of this guide is one of the best World of Warcraft guide writers today.

The strategies that you will learn in this guide have to do with conquering new servers. And it will do so with faster racing and optimized travel at all levels. Bringing your game to new servers will make it easier for you to review and adjust the paths to use for new executions. This guide is quite special because it is not made up of pure text only. It is also made up of videos, audios and comments. The guide also comes with the writer’s best sprint run, which he recorded and finished in four days and twenty hours of playtime. Techniques and narration come with each scene, to show you exactly the right way to use their strategies for your game. Joana Horde’s leveling guide is similar to Brian’s alliance guide in such a way that they both use missions to acquire the amount of power needed to get through the game’s toughest levels. When done right, you don’t have to strain to reach your destination.

The Joana Horde Guide is made up of over thirty-five hours of fast racing video and commentary. Detailed step-by-step instructions are included, teaching you how to bring a Horde character to the level of power. The coordinates are mapped and a long list of plugins is used to quickly reach the desired level. All Horde character classes covered, including their respective starting areas. The guide also addresses the route to the Blood Elves. Joana’s tips and strategies do not include cheating, they are totally legal. They don’t use hacks or bots in their games and methods, so they won’t accuse you of breaking the World of Warcraft rules. This is not a problem for you.

Joana had recently updated the Horde Leveling guide for the Wrath Of The Lich King expansion. His guide now includes a Northrend guide from 70 to 80. You can now complete missions at that level easily with his instructions to complete your missions quickly and level up to 80 in Northrend. The guide is expected to see more updates as the WoW game evolves. This means that your guide will always be evergreen for your Horde.

However, the guide is primarily about leveling for power. It does not necessarily include information on Alliance missions. For these, we recommend that you check out Brian Kopp’s guide. Joana also didn’t cover endgame materials and instances as it doesn’t match her running speed. But of course you can always integrate the new things and important information that you found in Joana’s guide to help you in the game, while enjoying it in the way you prefer.

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