Halloween is my favorite holiday. I have heard many others make the same claim. Halloween is one of those parties that we celebrate even if we do not have a day off, it is not a “National Holiday”, it is just a moment that we all enjoy. Why do so many feel that this party is so special?

Is it because of childhood memories of dressing up in a Halloween costume and going door-to-door for treats? Remember how excited you used to be? You wanted that special costume and you wanted to go trick or treating with your special friends. If your costume was good, you wanted everyone to see you. If you received a boring costume from your parents, you just prayed that no one recognized you. At a young age, when our imaginations were wild, we had a day when it was okay to pretend to be someone else. If you are a boy, maybe your thoughts were about scaring girls. If you were a girl, your thoughts may have been on how pretty you look.

When we hit our teens, Halloween turned into socializing. Get together with other teenagers, sometimes in costume, sometimes not. It began to transform into a festive party. It also became a time for jokes. We played pranks on each other to try to scare our friends. Our ghost stories also got a little more gruesome. Once again, we could be someone we normally weren’t and be a bit naughty. Carnivals, apple bobbing and spike punch. A true mix of innocence and mischievous behavior.

Is it because of the seasonal changes? Halloween is in early fall, when the leaves start to change and the weather turns cooler. We started to dress warmer with our new fall fashions. Summer is over and winter is just around the corner. Halloween is like the start of the Christmas season. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are just around the corner.

Are they Halloween decorations? Retail stores have looked the same boring all summer, and then they start decorating for Halloween. I really enjoy decorating my house with Halloween decorations. Ghosts, goblins, witches, ghosts, cobwebs, cut pumpkins at Jack O’Lanterns. It turns into a sea of ​​orange and black. Have you ever packed a scary crow to sit on your front porch? Or better yet, dress up as a scary crow, sit on your front porch, and scare off cheaters or handlers when they come to your door.

As we reached adulthood, so did the Halloween season. More parties, sexier costumes, adult-themed and costume contest. Some of us also use Halloween to relive our childhood. Delving into that lost time that we remember so fondly. Oh, I’d love to go trick or treating again.

Maybe we love Halloween so much for the candy. Oh yeah, chocolate, gum, hard candy, chewy, sticky candy. Candied apples, caramel apples, pumpkin pies, oh man, the sweet goodness of the Halloween season. Do you remember choosing between your tricks or treats to find your favorite candy? Maybe you even made exchanges with friends or siblings. As an adult, did you pick from your kid’s candy bounties to sneak off some of your own?

Do we love Halloween because of horror movies? Frankenstein, the werewolf, evil scientist, monsters and aliens. Horror movies have also gotten scarier. Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Friday the Thirteenth and many more. Sitting in our diapers snuggled together with our loved ones watching a horror movie. Jump when the doorbell rings when another trick or handler comes by.

Oh, there are so many reasons why Halloween is your favorite holiday. What’s yours?

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