When building a bedroom cabinet for clothes storage, most of us want something sturdy that will last a long time. After all, what we store there are our personal belongings, including valuable items like jewelry.

When it comes to hanging clothes, we need to install a strong closet rod that can withstand a lot of weight. Come to think of it, most of us not only use this bar to hang clothes, but also thick coats and jackets, as well as other accessories, including belts. What better material to choose than metal closet rod which is a great tool for organizing clothes.

Metal rods are preferred by homeowners because of the elegant appearance they achieve. They can be made of 1/16-inch-thick stainless steel or brass, depending on your personal preference. This material is durable, resistant to rust, requires less maintenance, and is capable of supporting a lot of weight, especially when installed correctly. They also come in different shapes, sizes (in diameter), and finishes. There are round closet rods, the telescopic rod, the square rod, and the oval rod. The round type is available in an inch and 3/4-inch diameter and in various finishes such as white, black, brass, or chrome.

With metal closet rods, there isn’t much of a problem when it comes to looking for your other components. This is because metal center and end brackets and supports are also widely available in the market today. The end brackets are the ones that are fixed to the cabinet walls by using screws, while the center bracket is the one that is installed in the middle of the rod and is screwed to the ceiling of the cabinet. This center support is especially required when using a long closet rod.

If you want to put a shelf in your closet, you can also use a kind of support that has two functions. This is known as the shelf and closet rod bracket. With this tool you can already have a support for your shelf and at the same time a support for your bar.

On the other hand, you can also go for a rod holder or bracket that uses a flange. This provides more security to your rod. Yet another type to use is the ring mount, especially if your goal is to install only one type of hanging closet rod.

There is also a new style of hanging clothes today and this is with the use of the innovative drop down closet rod. With this type of rod, the top of your closet that is not used often will now become useful. It has a 28-inch handle, an extension handle, and is adjustable to fit any size cabinet. When using this, all you have to do is take out and win the rod. You can install this on the panels or on the walls of the closet.

Now that you know the advantages of metal closet rods and the various styles available on the market today, you’ll have a better idea of ​​which type to get for your own closet, whether you’re creating a new one or remodeling your existing closet.

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