Heels are the ultimate feminine accessory, so is it any wonder that most transvestites salivate at the sight of stilettos? As a petite woman, I share your passion, but let’s face it: learning to walk in heels is a daunting task for both genetic women and transvestites! Fortunately, it is something that anyone can master with practice.

Ready to polish your supermodel prop? Here are 10 essential tips for walking in heels:

1. Work your way up. The higher the heel, the greater the challenge, so start with a pair of heels no more than two inches high. Once you’ve mastered that pair, try a higher heel.

2. Practice standing in heels. Before taking the first step, practice your balance by standing on your heels. Experiment with different poses as you get used to the extra height.

3. Improve your posture. Keep your shoulders back, your spine straight, and your chest forward. Good posture keeps you steady in higher heels.

4. Take a few steps. Now you are ready to walk! Take your first steps on a hard surface, as the carpet can throw off your balance.

5. Point your feet forward. Beginning transvestites tend to turn their feet outward while walking, so remember to keep both feet perfectly parallel.

6. Keep your legs together. Women walk with their legs together, so imagine placing each foot along the edge of a ruler; You should not have more than two inches between your feet.

7. Shorten your step. Big steps can cause you to stumble; instead, take small, gentle steps. The higher your heel, the shorter your stride should be.

8. Stretch your legs. Bent knees lose balance and look inelegant. Practice walking with your legs straight.

9. Test yourself. Once you’ve mastered the basics, try turning in different directions. Take a few steps on different floor surfaces and practice your steps on the stairs.

10. Practice makes perfect. Walking in heels is totally different from walking in tennis shoes, so don’t expect instant success. Keep practicing and soon you’ll be strutting with the best of us!

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