It is no surprise. Women are so addicted to drama. For whatever reason, women are drawn to this and many men are puzzled as to why the female population simply goes crazy over the drama.

It’s true that women already get a lot of drama from television and the shows they watch. They could also go find some novels and get a bunch of them from there. However, it seems that there is nothing that can quench their thirst and desire for this that they would even choose to live life with so much drama.

Men don’t like this. In fact, as much as possible, they would like to stay away from him. However, it seems that drama is always part of being a woman. And when women want too much of this in their lives, they can actually ruin what would have otherwise been a perfectly good relationship. There are even married couples who go their separate ways because of this.

So what can you do now to make sure your relationship with this girl doesn’t go down the drain even with her drama and all? Well, first you can try to understand its drama. It is no secret that the great women of history have used drama to be able to make men do exactly what they would like them to do.

Oh yeah. Do not get surprised. It has worked in the past and it definitely still works now. Did you know that Cleopatra used it? Even Joan of Arc and Marilyn Monroe have used it to get what they want. Sure, the drama can be upsetting, but it works for the female population.

Now that I think about it, a woman is quite vulnerable and quite fragile compared to men. Men can be physically strong and can dominate a woman if they want to. However, with just a little bit of acting on the part of the woman and the man, he would be giving that woman the attention she desires. A small order from him would send the men running to do his bidding. Oh yeah. All you need to do is make a little pout or maybe shed a few tears. You can also use other emotions like being angry or maybe being upset.

This is what you call the “damsel in distress.” Women have been using this technique for years! And still, men fall into the trap. The same reason is that men are simply not ready to see women sad, angry or hurt. They don’t want you to be upset or even disappointed. So, to see her happy, he would do anything in his power to make her smile again. And women know it. That is why he continues to use drama in his daily life.

Don’t be upset if you have noticed that women have used this power on you. Look, most guys fall into the trap. Only bad guys seem to reject this power. But how do they get more dates?

Look, women can use drama to get their way. But she would rather look for a man who doesn’t obey her wishes too often. Remember that women get bored easily and if she knows that when she tells you to jump, you will jump, then she will use that and get bored with you.

So learn to repel this power of women. Give in from time to time, but never bend to your will every time you use it.

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