Thomas Edison was an inventor of electricity, sound, and movies. He had a brilliant mind that never stopped. He lived a fascinating life and partnered with other brilliant minds to create precursors to the modern conveniences we enjoy today.

The history of his work is fascinating. However, the parts that saddened me were the animal experiments that I would consider cruelty.

In a laboratory, Harold Brown demonstrated the lethal power of AC by electrocuting a horse. He also paid neighborhood boys to round up the stray dogs and electrocuted them in the lab for research.

In 1903, an elephant named Topsy at an amusement park that had become unruly (although abused) was killed by electrocution. It was recorded.

In 1890, the first execution with the electric chair was performed on William Kemmier. Although it is used for the death sentences of murderers, I have read other stories about failed jobs and do not support its use.

As the movies developed, they began making short films of cockfighting and boxer cats.

These examples are heartbreaking. The rest of the book was very interesting. Due to Edison’s inventions, we have lighting, music recordings, and movies.

Before his death, he was helping Ford and Firestone with their rubber research. They had to withdraw when the Great Depression hit.

Edison was issued 1,093 patents in the United States. His son Charles led the Company until 1957.

Edison’s contributions and legacy forever changed part of our world. How many of us who live normal lives will leave our mark on the world? There have been influential people in politics, science, medicine, social justice, religion, music, art, and many areas. We only hear from those in the United States, but I’m sure there are other countries that I’m not familiar with.

I love reading about history because it helps me understand the news. At the moment something is happening, there are not enough details to give a complete picture of an event. Years later, after biographers put all the pieces together, the story comes to life.

So many advancements in technology have been developed over the past 150 years, it is overwhelming to me. It feels too much, too fast. I am grateful for the comforts, but I fear that the time left on earth will be short. How much more can there be? I hope I can retire from the computer for free, keep life simple, and just enjoy nature. I will always prefer paper, books, spoken conversation, handwritten letters, and handmade crafts. At least I still have a real book in my hands.

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