Everything is good in moderation, experts say, but which drink is better? This article takes a different approach to drinking alcohol while dieting.

Most people who choose to drink alcohol while watching their diet will drink in addition to their diet because the drinks they choose will not really benefit their bodies. I suggest you change this theory and consume drinks that complement your diet. That way, you can drink alcohol and stay healthy without compromise.

The first thing I want to highlight is that calories are not bad! Calories are what makes your body work, so trying to determine which drink is healthiest by counting calories is a terrible way to find the answer to this question.

If you are an overweight person trying to lose excess fat, you should exercise and continue to eat healthy foods. You can lower your daily calorie intake to help cut back quickly, but you should always exercise while maintaining a healthy diet! If you want to drink some alcohol, it is better to choose a drink that complements your diet rather than a drink that contains as few calories or carbohydrates as possible.

Don’t try to eat as few calories as possible, replace part of your daily diet with a drink. Include the calories from your drink in your calorie count and cut out anything else. Because I guarantee that the drink I’m going to tell you about will replace the calories you eliminate with the best possible combination of ingredients that will give you all the benefits of your regular diet, with the added advantage of letting you drink a little alcohol. .

If you are a healthy and fit person, why would you want to compromise your health for a little alcohol when it is not necessary? You can drink and still fill your body with the good things.

Let me start with the worst drinks. Anything creamy means saturated fat, and we definitely don’t want saturated fat. Eggnog is easily the least healthy; closely followed by Irish coffee, so if a healthy drink is important to you, avoid them.

What about the lowest calorie drink? Well, water naturally, but this article focuses on adding a little spice to your life while staying healthy, so I’ll only talk about tasty drinks. A classic favorite is the gin and tonic. Gin is a diuretic, the tonic is said to protect against malaria, and lime contains vitamin C. But you’re still consuming a lot of calories that don’t really benefit you.

Let me highlight this point. Why consume? useless or bad calories if you you do not have to do it?

Gin and Tonic is only considered healthier (note I didn’t say healthy, just healthier) if you use Diet Gin, but fake sweeteners are unhealthy regardless of calorie content.

So what do we suggest as the healthiest drink? How about a delicious sangria recipe? Low carb, low fat, lots of vitamins and minerals!

A glass of sangria only contains about 150 calories, but almost all the calories are doing you good. The most obvious are the vitamins and minerals that orange juice and fruits contain, then there are the benefits of a good red wine and, finally, the fact that together, all the ingredients fill you with a fairly complete range of nutrients. that your body needs.

If you drink sangria, you are filling your body with an excellent variety of vitamins and minerals. Including vitamins A, C, and B6, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, manganese, copper, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, some dietary fibers, and protein.

You also get a good variety of amino acids, and some of the nutrients are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Sangria is hearty and nutritious, but you also feel full faster, with less. But what you consume is very good for you.

Healthy people watch what they eat; people who are trying to improve their health watch what they eat, but one point that should really stand out is:

If you are going to drink alcohol anyway, turn each calorie into a well calorie.

Sangria is far east of making and tastes fantastic!

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