I guess you’re here because you met a cool guy, you got his number, but now you don’t know what message to send! You think to yourself, I want him to be more attracted to me, but I feel uncomfortable texting him. How to get him to follow me like a lost puppy instead of desperately waiting for his next text message. Here are a couple of great text messages to send to a guy to keep his interest and create a crazy attraction.

Text messages asking for a reply

Hey I heard something interesting about you yesterday

It was good talking to you last night, but I’m curious about something …

You are always like that? (Kinda funny if there is no context)

Nice to meet you the other day, by the way, for a jock, you’re a bit smart

All of the above stimulates her curiosity or just makes her want to text you. Things like this are great for generating a conversation with a guy that you want to text right away. Once you’ve gotten the conversation going, you can move on to the next stage and start engaging in spoiled / playful behavior.

Creating attraction by being spoiled / playful

I like guys like you, but I wish you were a little taller! (Measures 6’5 “)

I think you should hurry up and ask me out, I saw your best friend looking at me … (His best friend is gay)

With spoiled / playful you are driving interest and then pushing it away. A very simple example when texting a guy would be, “Wow, you’re hot! Hahaha, but don’t worry, you’re not my type …” While this isn’t terribly clever, it still leaves the target unbalanced. and it almost forces them to respond.

The idea is to play a little with the boy, show your intelligence but with class. We don’t take cheap shots, but rather smart ones. We want to be the elusive fish that you really want to catch. Here’s an example of a full-text conversation with spoiled / playful:

Him: Hey Jackie, what are you going to do on Saturday?

You: Why, are you asking me out? Because if so, I’m not sure …

He hears! What is that supposed to mean?

You: Well, you’re hot and all … but you look like a potential stalker

Him: Hahaha I guess as a cop you would expect that

You: You have a point, but if you’re asking me out, I have a request.

Him: Oh no, I’m scared now

You should be

The fact that? Won’t you tell me?

You: Are you asking me out?

Him: Yes, I’m officially inviting you to dinner.

You: Sounds great, but don’t get the wrong idea, I’m actually just using you to avoid parking tickets.

This was a great text message to send to a really playful, elusive and spoiled boy. You were buzzing around him and he couldn’t stop you. Now you are very curious to know what turns you on the most. You were much more resourceful and interesting than him, and he wants to regain his power! Well played, and hopefully you will show up for the appointment in uniform!

Getting him to ask you out via text message

When texting a guy, it would be very cautious to ask him out, the woman who can pull it off without losing power is rare. I know you think this should be totally acceptable, but it isn’t!

Have you ever heard the expression, “Guys chase women until she catches him”, do you see the truth here? You are not a boy, you are not the chaser, even if you really like him. Rather, you allow it, seduce it, and trick it into pursuing you. Then you catch it! You are the bait and the trap, and you must learn to move the bait. However, sometimes you are allowed to tell him what to do when he sends you a text message, for example:

You: Jack, I want to go to that new French restaurant near your house. I’m free next Friday.

Jack: Hahaha, that was rude, why don’t you ask me out?

You: It doesn’t work like that, I also refuse to drive, buy you flowers or open the door for you.

Jack: Okay, okay! I give up. I would love your company this Friday at Pierre Le Fran

You: Well done, I’ll have to double-check my schedule, but I think I can squeeze you.

Jack: Kill me girl, see you soon.

A more subtle approach:

Jack: What kind of food do you like?

You: I love French food!

Jack: Hey, did you know there’s a new French restaurant near my house? (Yes, of course you knew)

You: Ah … I think I’ve heard of that place, it sounds great, I wanted to go but with no one to go with (I better get the damn hint but some guys are fat or just afraid of rejection)

Jack: I would love to take you, when are you free?

You: Friday would be perfect

There are many ways to do this, but your text must still be perceived as your idea or it is robbing you of the opportunity to be a man. Not only that, but every time you feel needy with a man, you will go from relationship potential to just sexual. It is not a place you want to be.

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