SWiSH Max is packed with features that provide stunning interactive Flash animations, a simple and painless experience. It was largely considered to be a simpler and less expensive Flash authoring tool compared to Adobe Flash. A Javascript-like language can be used to embed dynamic content. SWiSH Max is a new edition of the family of Swish Zone, which is the author of the tools. To make animations without using flash, SWiSH Max is the answer. It is an easy and comfortable program to work with Flash animation. Its main advantage over Adobe Flash is that it is lightweight and easy to use by non-professionals, who are not focused on extremely complex and large projects. An experienced designer will easily be able to get great benefits from it. SWiSH Max is ideal for banner and website development and modest elements.

SWiSH Max Font Skills

This software program allows you to create animated text effects, Flash intros, pop-up menu systems, spin buttons, and interactive presentations and entire web sites. It comes with 230+ animated effect templates like wave, vortex, explosion and 3D spin. %LINK2% can have a timeline for coordinating effects and a drawing tool for creating shapes, buttons, movie clips, and Bezier curves and motion paths. You can even create your own special effects and make interactive movies by adding text, graphics, buttons, images, and sound. Sprite objects allow you to create a movie within a movie. All the interactivity in your SWiSH Max movie can be added through a simple menu interface, so you have full coding capabilities when selecting the actions and events you need.

SWiSH Max Templates

Professional SWiSH Max website templates to help you get started with your web design projects. If you are looking for a stunning cover for your website, you want to stand out from the crowd when they visit your blog. Create an endless dynamic gallery, photo gallery, online portfolio or online business. Some come with Flash Video Loop.

As in the Dynamic Flash template, the content can be edited from a text file, which makes the website extremely easy to maintain and update. These types of Swish templates harmoniously combine splendid graphics and sound accompaniment and require additional customization to meet your needs and preferences.

SWiSHscript language

A scripting language allows you to program sophisticated operations into your animations. You can trace motion paths for objects to follow, and live editing gives you the option to make enhancements and changes while the animation is playing. Developers can preview animations within SWiSH Max without launching an external player. This program imports file formats including images, vector illustrations, audio, and animation. It exports the same file format as Macromedia Flash, so your animation will play on any computer that has Flash Player installed. It also generates the HTML code needed to add Flash animation to existing web pages.

SWiSH Max was created and distributed by Swishzone.com. It is labeled as the world’s leading alternative Flash animation tool. Founded in 1999 in Sydney, Australia, Swishzone.com has sold more than 500,000 software licenses in more than 200 countries.

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