If you want to be slim and healthy, you must put aside your disgusting vices. While there are many serious vices to eliminate, coffee, cheese, and refined sugar are certainly at the top of the list. These “foods” are heavily cooked and processed. They are extremely addictive and you are complicating your life by letting them catch you.

When you let go of your addictions to cooked and processed foods, you will fully experience and truly enjoy the delicious flavors that raw fruits and vegetables have to offer. When we eat these perfect foods, we function optimally – no more nagging cravings, mood swings, sugar imbalances, or fat globules leading us down the path of self-loathing. Raw tender fruits and leafy greens will give you far more satisfaction than any cooked food you think you can’t live without. What’s more, you’ll finally be lean and healthy, focusing on living your life instead of living for your next dose of cooked food.

Let’s examine these top 3 serious vices:


Face it: coffee makes your breath stink like a sewer. Aside from its offensive effects on breath, it is also highly acidic. The high acidity in the body causes you to put on weight as it produces more fat cells to protect your organs from acidity. If this is not a good enough reason to quit coffee, how about this? . . It is loaded with chemical pesticides, as beans are imported from countries that use pesticides to grow their crops. Also, the sugar and milk you add to your daily preparation only compound the problem, as they are also highly acidic and addictive. Time to trade your cup of Joe for a banana and mango smoothie.


Do not panic. I know this is going to be difficult for most of you, but it has to go. You will never be slim and healthy if you continue to eat cheese or any dairy product for that matter. Cheese is one of the worst foods for you, as it is one of the most rotten foods. It is made by the process of breaking down casein in milk with bacteria. The result is a rotten, fermented, highly addictive and highly acidic product: cheese. It’s also pasteurized, a fancy word for cooked. Because dairy products are pasteurized, they cause acidity and excess mucus in the body leading to allergies, colds, and eventually more serious illness. According to Dr. Douglas N. Graham, if dairy products were eliminated from our diets, “hospitals would be practically empty and doctors’ waiting rooms would be mostly unoccupied.” Cheese is also extremely difficult to digest and ferments in the digestive tract, creating toxic waste and excess fat. Since between 70% and 80% of the calories in cheese come from fat, you will be amazed at how much weight you will lose by quitting.


It’s everywhere, in cereals, condiments, junk food, restaurant food, “healthy” food, and so on. Over time, it ends up on the hips and thighs as dimpled fat globules. Food manufacturers know how highly addictive this substance is, so they add it to everything to keep you coming back for more. Don’t let the sugar industry keep pushing you with this drug. It causes serious imbalances in blood sugar level and leads to mood swings, poor concentration, depression, and exhaustion. When taken with a high-fat diet, the result is usually diabetes. It also contributes to yeast overproduction – nasty! And don’t even think about sugar-free foods or sugar substitutes, like Sweet-N-Low, NutraSweet, and Equal. These dangerous chemical concoctions are even more acidic and addictive than refined sugar, so you’ll gain even more weight and create even more fat cells by consuming these little demons. Free yourself from the sadness of sugar, opt for fruit.

Of course, at first you will have cravings for these foods. Once your body detoxifies, however, and you are clean and pure, your cravings will subside. Trade all these gross vices for fruit: fruit, fruit, and more fruit. I don’t know about you, but I prefer delicious fruit to pesticide-laden coffee, rotten fermenting cheese, and fat-producing refined sugar.

Remember to transition at your own pace. Depending on where you are on your raw journey, you can choose to give up these disgusting vices at once, give them up over time, or simply limit them in your diet. Always, the key is: increase the consumption of tender fruits and leafy vegetables, and decrease the consumption of cooked and processed foods.

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