In order to ensure a level playing field in the free zone, the Dubai government has enforced a set of rules and regulations and an Ajman free zone visa fee. These rules and regulations are called the Ajman Rules and there are a total of eleven such rules. These rules include the requirement for a visa form. Each and every person wishing to work in the free zone must apply for a visa. The applicant will be required to provide proof of her age and identity before the visa will be granted.

The first rule is a certificate with no visa fee. The certificate shows that the applicant has submitted a completed application form and all required documents to the appropriate authorities. Once the visa is granted, a copy of the certificate is delivered to the appropriate authority and kept with the original copy. This certificate does not have a validity period of more than one year. The cost of the Ajman free zone visa includes an application fee, and this is considered as a service charge. The duration of validity is two years from the moment of application.

The second rule is a cancellation certificate. The card expires when it reaches its validity period. The first five years of stay are covered by a normal visa card, but after that period, the card expires and a new one must be approved. The cancellation does not generate any additional cost.

The third rule is a cancellation fee certificate. When the card expires, a new one must be approved. A person who has already obtained a visa page cannot be employed for a second job for a minimum of three months. Before a person can be employed for a second job, the remaining period of their stay has expired and they must obtain a new approved visa page. Again, there is no additional charge in case of cancellation.

The fourth rule is a visa page renewal service activity. The Ajman free zone cost covers the third and fourth rule of the Ajman visa renewal process. The total time needed to complete the entire process is three years. The term may be extended for another twenty-four months at the sole discretion of the issuer. Only the third and fourth rule applies to the third and fourth anniversaries respectively.

The fifth rule states that a person who has already obtained a complete ajman free zone visa renewal process is not eligible to apply for a second renewal. For example, a person who was denied the first renewal of the visa for the free zone of the media city of ajman can reapply for the same visa. But this request will be denied again unless and until the first request is approved. Applicants are supposed to follow the same procedure for the renewal of the second ajman media city visa.

Finally, the sixth and seventh rules establish that all fees must be paid within thirty days of the issuance of the denial notice. If the applicant does not pay the fee within this time, he will have to reapply for the visa. Applicants who do not pay the Ajman Media City First Visa Fee are required to pay a fee of twenty-five percent of the total expense incurred to obtain the visa. People who do not have any financial means can still apply, but they must ensure that they provide financial security for the third and fourth anniversary when applying for a second ajman free zone visa.

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