Healthy comfort foods for people with excessive stress are not an oxymoron. Overstressed people are just like everyone else – they want to reward themselves, and this is where comfort foods come in. There are many reasons we crave comfort foods, including psychological ones. We feel the need to treat or reward ourselves because “we deserve it, we work hard.”

The problem with comfort eating is the fact that we eat junk food that gives us a quick sugar fix and when that hit ends we are left too tired and more tired than ever, and if that wasn’t bad enough, We also feel guilty because we have succumbed to the comfort of eating again! That doesn’t mean comfort foods are banned, but it’s good to reclassify what you call comfort foods. Comfort foods are often highly caloric – a classic example is American calorie-overloaded mac and cheese. However, comfort foods can be light snacks that are relatively healthy.

Healthy eating can still have foods that have great comfort value. Mindless eating is a mindless exercise that only adds more guilt. When you want to eat, write it down before you eat it and then your food diary can create a list of what you are eating that is wrong. Eating or drinking high-calorie snacks has worse effects on your health than guilt. French fries, French fries, Pringles, etc., are enormously high in calories and fat, but also high in sodium. Sodium is a contributing factor to hypertension or high blood pressure. A healthy and comfort food that offers all levels is low-fat yogurt, of any flavor. Personally, I like to use low-fat Greek yogurt and add nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, cashews or pistachios and fresh fruit. Try berries and crushed almonds. That healthy comfort food can also be frozen.

Summer berries are low in fat and very high in antioxidants, and the natural sweetness of strawberries is irresistible. An Italian trick to bring out the flavor of strawberries is to forget the sugar or honey that kills the natural sweetness of summer. Sprinkle freshly grated black pepper over the strawberries to maximize flavor. Rejuvenate your body when stressed instead of reaching for comfort food. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and helps your liver and kidneys detoxify your entire body.

Try some deep breathing exercises that take less than five minutes, but send more blood to your extremities to pick up the toxins in your body and get rid of it.Inhale slowly for a count of eight, hold for eight seconds, and then exhale for eight seconds. . Fill your refrigerator with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat a fresh kiwi for an instant sugar hit and plenty of healthy vitamin C. Avoid processed sugar, cakes and cookies and feel less stressed because your body has to work harder to digest processed foods.

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