The Proform 675 elliptical trainer is a basic CardioCross trainer at a low price. It is priced at $ 299.00, well below the minimum price of $ 1000.00 that we recommend to people who pay for a good elliptical exerciser. It has a number of good features including

  • Oversized wide pedals
  • A large LCD screen console that allows you to keep track of speed, time, distance, and calories.
  • EKG Grip Pulse Sensors for Heart Rate
  • Two speed fan
  • Icon SMR Silent Magnetic Resistor

However, it only has a very short stride length of 14 inches, which prevents anyone with normal length or longer legs from being able to use this elliptical trainer comfortably. We decided to buy the Proform 675 elliptical exerciser and give it a full test run. It arrived only 2 weeks after our order. However, it was broken and could not be assembled for our tests. We contacted customer service for a replacement. This request was rejected but a technician was scheduled to repair it.

The repairman took 10 more days to arrive and immediately declared that it could not be repaired. After 3 more weeks, we received a replacement 675 elliptical exerciser. After setting it up, our smallest tester, which has literally hundreds of hours of elliptical training, took it for an initial ride. Everything was fine for about 30 minutes when it started to generate considerable noise. After adjusting the elliptical trainer a bit, the test continued. After an hour of riding the Proform 675, our tester took a break and let our second tester take the elliptical for a ride. It was immediately noticed that the display console was not working. Despite several attempts to make it work, we concluded that it was dead. We called customer service again for help. They were clearly irritated with our request for a new console and the technician’s visit. They did not respond to our emails and just because we had access to the supervisor numbers on Icon we were able to resolve the issue. All of this required another 12 days of delay.

The technician came and replaced the Proform 675 elliptical exerciser console and it tested very well, but while we were testing it, an additional problem developed. The technician noticed that something was wrong with the magnetic resistor. After examination, he claimed that the SMR silent magnetic resistance unit was failing and would need to be replaced. Again, we spent a lot of time on the phone with customer service as they did not reply to our emails. We decided to request a refund under refund clause 30. We were told that more than 30 days had passed since we purchased the Proform 675 elliptical exerciser and we did not qualify.

In gathering basic information on this unit, we found a good number of customer reviews who found the Proform 675 to be very poor fitness equipment. Total lack of quality and extremely poor customer service were a common thread in most of the product reviews. We strongly recommend that you do not purchase the Proform 675 elliptical exerciser. Again, it is not advisable to purchase an elliptical exerciser that does not have a starting cost of at least $ 1000.00. It is essential that you check customer reviews before considering purchasing an elliptical cross trainer.

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