I just finished reading the articles on the strange happenings at Aso Rock, Nigeria’s seat of power, by two of our great columnists Reuben Abati and Femi Fani-Kayode, and felt I should add this to what you have shared. The two were in the recent past presidential spokesmen and have worked and lived in the village, so I respect the accounts of their experiences. They meticulously mentioned names and circumstances to convince their readers. They both pointed out some personal experiences and things that happened to their colleagues and others while working there. These include rare and terminal illnesses, sudden deaths, and other mysterious misfortunes for themselves and their families. I also remember that Fani-Kayode had said something about sacrificing lives through plane crashes or something recently. Now what we want to do here is elaborate a bit more on what could be the cause(s) of these terrible curses being cast from there and the possible solution. If you read the two reports, you will agree with me that they like reporters to tell their experiences, say things as they see them without delving into the possible causes and perhaps how to remedy the situation.

First of all, to try to understand what is going on there, you have to ask yourself these questions: what is the foundation of the place? Who built the structures? What kind of sacrifice was made and is still being made in the place? Who are those who visit or work in the place? And who are the opponents, forces against the occupant of the seat? When you put all these answers together then, you will come to the conclusion that it is normal that the place is having a high level spiritual conflagration that is emitting those terrible curses that these men have listed. Or how do you think the demons will gather and there will be no such demonic emissions? It’s possible! The place is spiritually ‘overheated’ and there must be toxics, releases and reactions. God’. There are truly constant spiritual devilish plans against those in authority and where they sit. As I read Reuben Abati’s story, this my little contribution came to mind (and thank God I personally sent him a copy of the book while I was still in that village). I think it was prayer that saved Jonathan in that period. In fact, the cloud was so thick that some interests called me and demanded that I not go ahead with the disclosure. OMG! They wanted to get the man out by all means. Now do you know why the man and his wife didn’t wait for the final whistle before running out of the room? do not laugh

Now coming back to the point, first, we must investigate the foundation of the place. There could be terrible sacrifices made in the foundation. We know that some of our so-called political, traditional and business leaders are neck deep in the occult. They practically serve Satan. They engage in various abominable, dangerous and constant satanic sacrifices to gain and keep their positions, influence and wealth. It is some of these demonic rituals (which most often involve burying live animals, objects and even humans) that can give off these kinds of powerful spiritual reactions. Some of these people of power deliberately offer their children, wives, relatives, workers, and other innocent people to demonic powers in order to take and hold their positions. Is it still news that most of them belong to both local and international occult groups? In fact, they can’t let you upload or get sponsored if you don’t ‘belong’. There was a time when you never got any position or contract if you didn’t belong to the secret Ogboni cult. Certain. So why won’t strange things happen to them and around them? Now, weren’t you here when our top two leaders accused themselves of such high-level occultism? The chief first accused the deputy of bringing powerful native doctors to the village (this very village!) and the deputy responded by telling us that his chief is dirtier because he is involved in some of the most dangerous secret societies in the world. So, where were all those dangerous sacrifices made and why won’t terrible curses, illnesses, deaths, misfortunes, etc. come out of there? Tell me. Please continue. It is not just a Nigerian problem, it is global. We will continue next week.

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