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A new way of controlling pests and destroying insects for human consumption has been developed by France’s Micheal Miglia. Known as the ‘Miglia Sting’, the technique uses the pest, the wasp, to deliver the insecticide, the mortein spray, through an insecticide collar around the neck. The collar releases the spray when a wasp passes within range. Miglia believes that this method of insect control is less harmful than other methods and should be used in farms and forests. Although, other pests may still be affected, the concentration of the concentrated solution is very high and will kill the insect, reducing the risk of any humans being negatively affected.

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With over half a million deaths recorded each year from mosquito-borne diseases, it is clear to see why we all need to take urgent action to protect ourselves and our children from these deadly creatures. But, with the use of insect repellents, we have had no other option but to use chemicals to try and stop these insects, which is not only dangerous, but often doesn’t work. And, even when it does work, it only works for a certain period of time, often not at all during certain seasons. However, a new insect repellent called the protein mosquito spray has been developed by France’s Micheal Miglia.

Unlike some insecticides, the mortein spray is a liquid substance that can be sprayed from a distance up to 30 feet. It is a highly concentrated liquid that contains a powerful amount of insecticide, which can kill any adult or juvenile insect that comes into contact with it. The strong liquid also penetrates the surfaces and into the foliage of plants, where it destroys eggs laid by the larvae as well as prevents the larvae themselves becoming adults. Once they are dead, the liquid also dries to an oily residue which is then easily removed by washing.

Mentein Spray – How to Use the Mortein Spray

It is important to apply the insecticide through a cloth or any other porous material, as it will not remain effective after just one application. Applying the insecticide to a person’s skin is also not advisable, as the chemical can easily be absorbed through the skin. There are different types of morsels sprays available, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. Some of these sprays contain only an insecticide, while others contain more than just insecticide. For example, there are also some sprays that can kill mosquitoes that are biting humans, as well as those biting the fruit that humans are eating.

It is important to use insecticides containing chlorpyrifos rather than insecticides containing permethrin. Both these insecticides are less effective than the chlorpyrifos insecticide, and when used together, these two insecticides prove to be more lethal. The reason for this is because the chlorpyrifos ingredient is a strong inhibitor of the choloenzyme enzymes that are responsible for controlling the reproduction and growth of cockroaches. Permethrin is used in order to control the rapid growth of moths, which are larvae that feed on cockroaches. A combination of both these insecticides is then more effective than just using one of them alone.

The best time to apply the Mortein spray is just after the first stage of infestation has set in, as the adult cockroaches will have already moved on to another location. This will mean that they are no longer active and will not be likely to be seen by the human eye, especially if they have now become inactive. The inactive cockroaches will not trigger the insecticide to be sprayed around them, but they are unlikely to be seen either. If the application of the insecticide around the perimeter of a room is successful, the cockroaches will enter their next home, since they will know that they will not be seen by the human eye.

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