The first order of business is a couple of definitions. Maspalomas is an area in the south of Gran Canaria, which is one of the Canary Islands of Spain. FKK stands for Freikorperkultur, which is a German cultural movement for naturalists and loosely translates as free body culture.

Now we know where it is and what it is, but some people may wonder why.

The naturist movement has been a part of German culture since the 19th century. There has always been a strong movement for clothing freedom. And like naturists around the world, being without clothes has nothing to do with sex. In fact, it’s the opposite. A naturist believes that a person should be free to go without clothes without fear of the sex mixing.

Basically, there is nothing wrong with being naked. In ancient Greece, nudity was common for both men and women in public places. If you look at ancient Greek art, you will notice things like a woman’s dress that reveals one breast. And I’m sure you’ve noticed that many Greek statues are of naked men. Not that they were promiscuous or immoral, but rather that nudity was not frowned upon or considered immoral. That’s a pretty modern mindset and I think we could do without it.

In Spain nudity is not illegal. You can take this with a grain of salt, but the other day on the internet I was reading an article about a tourist who was visiting Barcelona and I observed a couple walking down the street totally naked. They weren’t accosted or arrested, and there was no disturbance around them, which leads me to think it must be legal. The Canary Islands are part of Spain, and that may be the reason why nude beaches are not only tolerated, but very common there. Maspalomas is not the only place on the island where the FKK movement is practiced.

Regardless of the reason, the area around Maspalomas is a very popular place for naturists, especially those from Germany, from what I heard. The entire beach between the Maspalomas lighthouse and Playa del Inglés is a paradise for nudist sunbathing. So is Dunas Maspalomas, or the dunes of Maspalomas. If you visit Gran Canaria and decide to take a camel ride through the dunes of Maspalomas, you should be prepared to see naked people baking in the sun.

Whenever I am planning a vacation, one of the things I look for is a nude beach in the area. There is something about lying in the beautiful sun and being able to enjoy the warm waters of the natural ocean that tells me a vacation. It’s almost like I’m taking the worries out of the world when I take my clothes off.

So now you know the where and what, and now you have a person’s opinion of why. I don’t exactly consider myself a naturist, however I strongly believe in a person’s right to undress on a warm beach. If this is not your style, and you come across a FKK practitioner in Maspalomas, I hope you do the polite thing and continue walking with indifference.

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