Do you want to finally reduce your body fat percentage without doing anything expensive, restrictive, complicated or unnatural? Okay, my friend, take a little time out of your day and read on for the 5 most important rules (in no particular order) to lose inches of body fat quickly, naturally, easily, and permanently.

Rule 1 – 90% of what you drink throughout the day should be fresh, cold water! Sodas, sugary fruit juices, excess coffee, and excess alcoholic beverages should be eliminated or reduced (it’s okay to have a little coffee or alcoholic beverage…especially red wine due to health benefits).

Water is not only important to live, it is important if you want to burn fat fast. This is because the more water you drink, the more your body’s metabolism will increase!

Rule #2 – To ensure your body is effectively burning fat, building lean muscle tissue, providing energy, and much more, it’s important that you get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

Rule #3 – Diet pills, crazy exercise programs, fad diets and anything else you can think of that is available today to reduce body fat percentage will never do what rule #3 can do on its own . What is? Proper nutrition!

Eating the right foods, eating the right number of meals every day, and eating the right way will do wonders for your body. In fact, this is the most important step for every facet of your health (internally and externally).

Rule #4 – Proper physical condition is crucial to quickly burn a lot of fat effectively. You can’t expect to burn off a fat belly just by doing sit-ups and going for a walk.

Speaking of sit-ups, they do NOT remove abdominal fat, they are only designed to build abdominal muscles. For those muscles to show, you have to do fat burning exercises to get rid of belly fat.

What are the best exercises to burn fat? Build lean muscle and interval cardio (switch between high and low intensity during a workout). Both exercises will increase your metabolism and much more.

Rule #5 – Your fat-burning engine (metabolism) must be turned on and kept going strong throughout the day to rapidly reduce body fat. All of the tips I mentioned above will play a role in increasing your metabolism, but if you follow a diet that relies on eating foods in a way to increase your metabolism, then you will lose fat incredibly fast (I was actually losing about 5 pounds per week on this type of diet… NATURALLY).

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