It is currently July 2011 and so far no new iPhones have been released this year. As most of you may know, Apple typically announces or releases its new iPhone in June of each year (except iPhone 2G). As each year progresses, different manufacturers leak more and more inside information, and I’ll go over some of that inside information in this article, including expectations about the price and specifications of the iPhone 5.

First of all, will it be the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S? This could be either way, but I’m leaning more towards 4S and that’s why. Typically, a new model number, such as the iPhone 4 on the iPhone 3GS, includes a complete overhaul, including the body style. No new cases or body images have been leaked as they have in recent years, which would lead me to believe that the body style will remain the same, which is why I lean towards the 4S. The only thing that would make me lean the other way is that iOS 5 is expected to launch in the fall, around the same time that the new iPhone is expected to launch. iOS 5 and iPhone 5 make a great pair, but the iOS name could be because it has a huge list of new features. Either way, I will refer to the new device as the iPhone 5 throughout this article, as this is how most of the public refers to the new iPhone.

One thing that can be almost certain is that the new version of the iPhone will include 4G capability. Some may expect 4G to affect the price of the iPhone 5, but in general, that has not been seen with devices from other manufacturers. However, which version of 4G the iPhone 5 would use is another question. Since AT&T Wireless is pushing its HSPA + like its 4G with LTE tests running or preparing to run in some areas, I would expect the GSM version of the iPhone to have HSPA + 4G since Apple has never had a chance to install a feature (4G LTE) when it is not guaranteed to work. On another note, there is expected to be a GSM / CDMA combination chip in the phone, which means that Apple can produce a phone and sell it on both networks, which would help lower the price of the iPhone 5.

How about the speed of the phone? Each newer version of the iPhone has been faster than the last and with the new A5 chip, I definitely agree with the rumors that the newest iPhone will be the fastest of all, probably wiping out all previous versions. Maybe 1GHz dual-core? With the current price of the A5 chip, it is definitely possible that it is there and does not change the price of the iPhone 5 at all.

Currently, the screen size seems to be up in the air. Most sources say it will include a 3.7 “screen, compared to the 3.5” screen of the iPhone 4, but another group says it could include a 4 “screen. I don’t think the screen is bigger than 4 inches because it would be a major jump in screen size and would likely lead to a complete new phone design that could affect the production price of the iPhone 5. 4 inches is still a pretty big jump when ‘We’re talking about cell phones as well. which I will agree that it will change to 3.7 “IF it changes at all. With Gorilla Glass becoming more popular in smartphones today, I think Apple could lock in a great deal for a larger screen size without affecting the price of the iPhone 5 at all.

How about those cameras? The iPhone 4 has a 5MP rear camera and a VGA front camera that are outdated to say the least. Both cameras were starting to get out of date when the phone was launched. With the 8MP rear and 1.3MP front becoming a norm on most newer smartphones, I hope Apple sticks with that norm and doesn’t push to exceed it at all.

Prices, prices, prices, that’s the question! There have been no major price changes over the years when a newer iPhone is released, so I expect it to be the same this year. With sales increasing to their current selling prices, I don’t see them dropping the price of the iPhone 5 to get more sales and I don’t see them increasing the price due to the risk of losing customers. I expect the 3GS (at AT&T) to come to a complete halt, the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4 models will sell for $ 100 less ($ 99 and $ 199 respectively), and the iPhone 4S / 5 will sell for $ 199 at the 16GB form or $ 299 in the 32GB form. Any die-hard Apple fan will definitely jump above the iPhone 5 price of $ 199 or $ 299 for a new phone and anyone else who just wants to jump on the bandwagon will definitely pay $ 99 for the iPhone 4, which is still an amazing phone. , especially at that price.

I hope this article helped you get an idea of ​​what to expect with the price and specs of the new iPhone 5, and as always, I wish you good luck with your future purchases!

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