Good English grammar isn’t just for those who write essays or study titles. If you go to the trouble of actually learning English grammar, you will increase your chances of applying to most jobs, courses, or indeed many of the goals that you have set for yourself. Some people think they just don’t know grammar, but in fact it is something that anyone can learn. Once you’ve taken the time to master the basics, you’ll find that it gets a lot easier and really pays off in the long run. So what simple steps can you take to improve your grammar?

Learn the Basics: There are certain fundamental rules of grammar that, once learned, will make things much easier for you. Things like parts of speech, clause types, phrases, and sentence basics will go into this. It may take a little time and patience to memorize and understand them, but once you have them, you will have them for life. It can be helpful to purchase a style guide for reference, such as the Oxford Style Guide.

Use the Internet: There is a whole online community dedicated to encouraging people to learn English grammar, so use it! In forums or discussion sites you will find many people willing to give you some advice or tell you where you are wrong. Take a look at some of the grammar blogs and forums that are available.

Post homework – You need to apply what you’ve learned all the time by practicing writing emails, blogs, essays, short stories, whatever you like, and then reviewing them with a style guide to correct them. It helps if you set yourself a certain number of goals or assignments each week and read a lot as well. The more you read and write, the better your understanding of grammar will be.

Take a course: While some people will be able to learn English grammar on their own, many will find that they need a bit more structure behind their study. Taking a short course can be a good way to get expert guidance from experienced tutors and give you the boost you need. Many courses can be tailored to your own specific needs or skills so you don’t realize you’re going through ancient terrain.

Learn Another Language: Studying another language makes you think a lot more about grammar and forces you to consider how another language might differ from English. It will make you think of English grammar in a different way and ultimately improve your understanding of it.

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