Feelings of unhappiness, infatuation with another person, mutual irritation, loneliness, and ingrained patterns; These may come to the fore at a certain stage in your marriage. Signs that may indicate that passion has largely disappeared from your marriage. Children, work, hobbies or other matters require more and more time and attention and ensure that you no longer have time for your relationship.

But what do you do about it? How can you save your marriage? Read our tips here!

1. Talk about your needs

The success of a marriage depends on the needs of two people being met. Therefore, it is important to find out where the other’s needs lie.

What behavior of the other person bothers you, and what behavior do you appreciate but don’t see enough of? These are things to think about and discuss with each other.

2. Emotional inaccessibility

Many people have unknowingly built emotional walls that prevent them from getting really close to friends or family. Some people also wear a social mask, also a protective measure that you often don’t do well.

This can result in them being completely alienated from each other, even though they have been married for years. If you want to get closer to your partner again, you will have to build mutual trust and open up to the other. This applies to both you and your partner.

3. Deal with your past problems

Many marriages are doomed to failure due to the emotional baggage they carry from past disappointments. Recognize that personal barriers from the past may be the main reason you or your partner never dare to fully expose yourself to the other.

Sometimes it is a lack of trust that originated in the past and that the person continues in the current marriage, sometimes a story of fear of attachment and failed relationships preceded the current problems. Try to deal with these problems and help each other with this.

4. Don’t neglect the other

Never think that the other is some kind of furniture, that you can safely let your marriage slide and that expressions of love are not needed in your marriage. Your partner won’t know that you love them if you don’t say so. It is the intention that you occasionally show that you really care about others.

That’s on very small things, like calling during work just to say hi. Make your partner’s favorite food yourself or buy him something that he loves so much. That is what makes their relationship special and without these things, they start to neglect each other.

5. Do not hide anything

People who have nothing to hide are honest. Lying, hiding, manipulating, and cheating are not the things you want to happen in your marriage. No person is one hundred percent open, but at least you can get started. So always try to be an open book to your partner and make sure he or she knows you well.

6. You don’t always want to be right

Try not to show that you know more than your spouse often. Instead, you can try to understand and empathize with your partner. By deciding to be happy from now on instead of being right, it is much more enjoyable to deal with you. Not just for your partner, but for everyone around you. You will also be able to have a better discussion that does not end in a fight.

7. If your partner does not want to cooperate

Tell your husband or wife of your resistance or your fears, let him realize that you can both accomplish much more when you work together. In case your spouse notices that you are constantly doing things stubbornly, they will automatically stop doing it.

8. Marriage requires sacrifice

As in any friendship or relationship, a successful marriage requires sacrifice. Two different people come together, children join and then living together under one roof is not always easy.

So don’t be so unrealistic that you think disagreement is a sign on the wall or that they wouldn’t be meant for each other if things went wrong. Don’t miss out on trendy divorce causes’ like ‘We’re tired of each other’ and ‘We’re slowly drifting apart’. A marriage requires responsibility. Take it then.

In shorts

Your marriage can probably be saved, as long as you both open up to it. Recognize the problems you have and get started. And most importantly: do this together. Seek help if necessary. You can do it. They just have to meet again. That’s difficult, but you did it once; then you can really do it again.

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