Technology moves so fast these days. By the time you’ve bought a PC, most parts are guaranteed to be out of date within a few months. This can also depend on where you buy your PC. Many companies sell PC bundles that may seem like good value for money at the time. They include a printer, scanner, and other add-ons with your PC, but then you find that you’re spending tons of money on ink, your PC is too generic and not good enough for what you want to use it for, games. !

If you go through your local “best buy” or “PC world” to find a new PC to play the latest games, then you will run into trouble. Many gamers these days make or at least customize their own PCs from scratch. Why? Because they know what it takes to run these games.

90% of the PCs currently sold through these types of package stores are aimed at the average consumer “I want a PC so I can surf the web, play music and watch DVDs.” These PCs are acceptable for those needs, but if you want to play the latest games, then you don’t have a chance to get them to work as required.

Too many times I have seen people go out and buy a new PC, try to go online and play a new game like “Battlefield 2” or “Quake 4” and find that the game performs poorly even on the lowest settings. . Then they end up spending twice as much on a PC by having to buy a new one from scratch or upgrade many of the parts because they made the mistake of buying an “e-Machine” in the first place.

So you have an old PC that you want to upgrade to be able to play the latest games. The main components that you will need to consider for the upgrade are:


Power supply (PSU)

Processor (CPU)


Graphic card

Sound card

I put them in this order for the following reasons, although some people may disagree with me.

The motherboard is the main component of your PC as it ties all the other components together. You can buy the best CPU, graphics card, and sound card, but if your motherboard sucks, then they won’t be able to perform to their best capabilities.

The power supply is extremely important. If you can’t get enough power for the rest of the parts of your PC, nothing will work properly, and in some cases, they won’t even work. You can go for a cheap PSU for around $ 20, but typically with technology these days, you get what you pay for. If you intend to have a top-notch graphics card and powerful CPU in your PC, then you need a good quality power supply that is stable and capable of powering all parts of your PC effectively.

The CPU (central processing unit) is the heart of your PC. If you have a slow CPU but the best graphics card and motherboard, then your CPU will retain the other components of your PC.

Your computer’s memory is just as important as the CPU. This will be used to store and transfer the data on your PC quickly and if you have bad, slow or insufficient memory it will slow down the rest of your PC.

The graphics card is extremely important in today’s games. If you can’t render the graphics fast enough, you will experience lags and slowdowns in your games no matter how good the rest of your PC is. Most “packaged” graphics cards are built into the motherboards of packaged PCs and share actual system memory. This is BAD for games!

The sound card is not as important as the rest of the components, but it can help your PC run better. If you have a separate sound card, it will take some of the workload off the CPU and motherboard, and many of today’s best sound cards even have their own special sound system that many newer games use.

Obviously, if you want to be able to play the best games on the market and if you play online competitively, then you want to be able to play the best you can and not have to worry that your PC can’t handle the needs. of today’s games.

It can be expensive, but there are easy ways to upgrade on a budget. Maybe if you are thinking of upgrading now, you should go ahead, but even starting looking for the best parts to upgrade your PC can be a daunting task.

Personally, when I upgrade, I never go for the top of the range. You don’t have to buy the best (as you know, the price will drop drastically in the coming months), but you can still get some great PC hardware at good prices that will run those games without any slowdown and still make them look and feel great. to play.

A bad link in the chain will hamper your computer’s performance. When you want to upgrade or even buy a new PC, you need to make sure that each part is as good as the others to get the best performance and stability for any type of computing task.

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