Glee has quickly become a television phenomenon with its controversial stories, upbeat songs and dance numbers and, of course, its all-star cast. Take a look at some of the captivating main characters that make Glee a hit.

Kurt Hummel joins the soccer team to impress his father, but his heart is in the glee club. He has to deflect Mercedes’s crush on him and she is one of the first people he trusts about his homosexuality. Kurt falls in love with Finn and plans to reunite his widowed parents. The plan works better than expected and Finn and his mother move in with Kurt and his father, but Kurt’s feelings get hurt when he redecorates his and Finn’s room, only for Finn to describe the decor as “queer.” The gay insult prompts Kurt’s father to kick Finn out of the house. Later, Finn shows Kurt that he’s sorry by dressing up as Lady Gaga as part of the glee club routine.

Finn Hudson is blackmailed into joining the glee club when the club’s director, Will Schuester, hears him sing in the shower after soccer practice. Finn is dismayed, but soon begins to enjoy his time on stage. Finn was dating Quinn Fabray until he found out that she had cheated on him with his best friend Puck. His affection turns to his fellow Glee club member Rachel, but after dating her for a while, he decides that he needs time alone to find out. He quickly regrets his decision and tries to get Rachel back, but she’s already dating Jesse St. James from rival club Vocal Adrenaline.

Quinn Fabray was the head cheerleader at William McKinley High until she found out she was pregnant. She tells her boyfriend Finn that the baby is hers, but it is later revealed that Puck is the father. Quinn decides to give the baby up for adoption, to Terri, Will’s wife, but Quinn’s parents still want her out of the house. She moves in with Finn and his family, but then rekindles her feelings for Puck and moves in with him.

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