Shopping at furniture stores is the easiest way to explore an extensive collection, but finding the perfect piece for a space can seem overwhelming. Here are some helpful things to remember when it’s time to get out there and begin your search.

Set a budget and stick to it

The most common problem people have when searching is going over budget. Before heading to the store, shoppers should consider how much money they can spend on a new part before exhausting their monthly budget. Once they have a clear idea of ​​what they can afford, they are ready to explore the store selection. However, once in the store, they should avoid looking at anything outside of their budget allocation.

Think about the color

Since there are so many different styles and colors, finding the best piece for an established style space can be tricky. Buyers should take a look at their existing color scheme and look for items that match the design they are trying to achieve. The last thing anyone wants to do is buy a piece that clashes with their current decor. New purchases should increase the comfort and appeal of the space, not detract from it.

Don’t be fooled by a big sale

Smart shoppers know that many furniture stores offer great deals on older items that are slightly out of date based on current trends. However, buying a new chair just because it is incredibly cheap is not always the best option. Think of furniture as an investment. Ideally, the piece should blend in with a room’s existing decor without detracting from the existing collection, but more importantly, it should last at least a few years or until the homeowner’s interior design tastes change. Just because a selection is on sale doesn’t mean it’s a smart buy.

Understand the types of wood

Whether a buyer is shopping for a new dining table or a used dresser, they should always understand the type of wood they are investing in and the care required to make the piece look great. Hardwoods require regular lubrication and polishing. Otherwise, the wood can dry out or crack, damaging the structural integrity of the wood. However, things built with particle board or laminate require minimal maintenance and are not easily damaged in dry conditions.

Always try to see the piece in person

With the advent of online furniture stores, many shoppers end up buying items without seeing them. While convenient, this process is risky. Shoppers have no way of knowing how comfortable the item they want is, how well the drawers slide, or how well built the unit is. Whenever possible, try to see everything in person. This gives buyers the opportunity to accurately measure the part, test all the features, and find the perfect item for their needs.

Keep these helpful tips in mind when it’s time to update a living room set and avoid the disappointment that comes from buying the wrong piece of furniture.

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