Few of us love housework, but most of us want to live in a home where we don’t have to fear contracting a contagious disease. So let’s find out how to clean faster, so we can spend time on the things that really matter to us!

Plan your meals

When you don’t know what to make for dinner ahead of time, you can end up with a lot of things to do, including running to the grocery store, at the last minute. And there is no worse place to be at 5:30 pm than to stand in line at a grocery store with three crying kids because you put on your spaghetti and realize you have no sauce. Try planning your meals for a week. If you want, you can bring your family together and let each of you choose a meal. This often increases the chances that they will eat it too!

Schedule tasks

One of the problems people frequently have with housework is that they focus on the “visible” areas, such as the living room and kitchen, while other areas are rarely cleaned. Or they clean frequently but forget to vacuum upstairs.

And then you find out that part of your house is out of control and it drives you crazy! If you only dust your bedroom every few months, even though your living room where the guests are is dusted twice a week, you may start sneezing all night!

Make a list of how often you want tasks done. Ideally, this can be done with your family and you can ask them for help. But for the tasks you have assigned to yourself, decide which ones need to be done daily, which ones weekly, which ones every two weeks, and which ones monthly. Then make a monthly schedule where you can tick things off as you do them. You can download my own graphics via the link at the end of this article!

You will find several advantages in this system. First, everything that needs to be done will be done. Your house will be well maintained, so your things will last longer. But you can actually end up doing less work. By doing housework on a schedule, you know that everything will be done in good time. Once you have finished today’s tasks, there is nothing more to do. You can stop without feeling guilty about relaxing or spending time on something else.

Clean faster

Of course, another way to do the cleaning quickly is, well, do it quickly! Get into the rhythm. Here are some fast and furious suggestions:

1. Clean, upbeat and fast music.

2. Measure your time and see if you can beat your previous time.

3. Think of cleaning as exercise. Try to clean so fast that you literally sweat and run out of breath. That way, the cleanse will count as one of the 20-minute exercise periods that you are supposed to do each day.

Set specific goals

Has this happened to you? You decide to clean your bedroom, and in the process, find several things that really belong in the living room. You pick them up and go down the stairs, and you notice that your plants need watering. When you go to the kitchen to return the shower, you notice that the breakfast dishes are still in the sink. You do that and then you realize that you are late to pick up your kids from school. You rush out, frustrated that nothing is really clean.

I do this all the time. It’s like you have no attention span when it comes to ordering. After spending an hour, I will have a small part of each room in the house cleaned, but nothing is finished. It seems like I have nothing to show for everything I’ve done!

When you give yourself a task, make sure you do it and only do it. If there are things that need to be moved to another room, make a pile, but do not carry them there until you have finished the task in question. That way, you know that at least one room at the end of all your endeavors will be neat.

And isn’t that what we all want? We want comfortable homes, but we don’t want to spend all of our time cleaning them. So let’s organize smart, clean smart, and clean fast, and you’ll have more time for the relationships that really matter!

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