The California state capital, Sacramento, is the sixth largest city in the state. Time magazine named it the most diverse city in America. The diversity can be attributed to the gold rush. Since then, the city is a center of economic and cultural activities. Due to the Mediterranean climate and the quiet neighborhood, the city is an ideal place to live.

So in a city like Sacramento, is it really important for a person to buy a new car or should they completely trust public transportation services? Considering the excellent public transport services, you will surely be caught in a dilemma. So here are some of the reasons to buy a new car instead of relying on public transportation service.

· Climate obstacles

Being located only 25 feet. Above sea level, the city offers a Mediterranean climate. It means that summers are hot and dry while winters are cold and humid. The Mediterranean climate is pleasant, but the mercury plummets considerably in winters. In addition, it rains a lot in the area, making it difficult to travel with the help of public transport services.

Sudden changes in temperature can be very difficult to adjust, especially when dealing with a bus or train. Owning a car can help you overcome any weather-related hurdle.

· It’s not always good to walk

The Walk Score ranked Sacramento as the 24th most walkable city of the fifty largest American cities. But is it a good idea to always walk? If you walk to your office, you will be completely drenched in sweat due to the humid weather. Also, it won’t look good if you are late for your appointment because you were taking a “walk.”

Well, when you think about practice, walking is not the smartest option for you. Instead, choose to buy a car because it can help you get anywhere on time and in style.

· The crowded public transport services

The Sacramento Regional Transit District, which serves the city and suburbs of Sacramento, ranks as the 11th-busiest agency in the United States. The population of the metropolitan region also exceeds 2.1 million. Just think of the number of people who will use the same interior transit modes during rush hour.

The high population makes buying a new car a good option. It will ensure a stress-free ride to the office. You can save your precious time and you don’t need to adjust schedules with public transportation services.

· The bicycle is not an option

Bicycles are becoming an increasingly popular form of transportation in Sacramento. The climate and flat terrain guarantee a fun ride. In addition, the city has an exclusive bike path, American River Bicycle Trail. Additionally, in September 2006, the League of American Bicyclists designated Sacramento a Silver Level Bike Friendly Community. But does all this help you when you are very late for an important meeting or when you are pregnant? Also, if you’re a college student juggling college and workplace, a bike can become a grueling option for you. So choose a car because it is a boon for people who want a practical solution to their transportation problems.

· Rent a car? Not!

What if you need to go to another city urgently and you don’t have a car? What if it’s raining heavily and you need to get to the office for an important meeting? Just rent a car! The solution may seem simple at first, but renting a car has its own downsides.

It takes time to rent a car and it takes planning. It becomes difficult to get a car during the holidays. And if you return the vehicle late, the fine is also very high in Sacramento. So a car is a real solution for traveling to places. This is because there is no need to plan ahead or queue for a car.

· An option to save money

Owning a car can seem like a burden on people. But in a city like Sacramento, you can manage your payload easily with the help of a simple solution. Share the trip with your colleagues or neighbors and reduce the burden on your pocket. You can save the money spent on a taxi and use it for monthly payments. It is a simple and practical solution.

Sacramento is a great city that offers you all modes of inland transportation. Public transport services are also excellent. But despite positive efforts, a new car in Sacramento can go a long way and provide a comfortable ride. So, put an end to your dilemma and get ready to buy a car.

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