Hosting an Elmo birthday party is definitely one of the popular party theme options that you can host for your child’s birthday. And if the kids are obsessed with Elmo as much as watching the Sesame Street show, you can try this amazing party theme.

Cute and funny as it is, you can also include Elmo’s friends like Big Bird, Abby Cadabby who loves magic, Bert, Count Von Count and many more. For this awesome party theme, just check out the list of resources I’ve put together below.

Elmo Birthday Party Invitation

Get some plain cardstock or blank colored paper. For your invitation design, you can choose to fold the paper in half or leave it as is in the size you want. You can also choose to fold the paper in such a way that it looks like a door by folding both ends together (whichever width or height is less), but make sure both sides are equal in length. Use a measuring ruler before folding them. Take a photo of your children with Elmo and his friends. Put it on the cover or whatever you see fit. Also, decorate them with a ribbon or a drawing and write the content of your invitation. Whichever design is appropriate, choose to laminate the invitation, place it in an envelope, or both, and deliver it to your guest.

As much as possible, allow your children to also participate in the making of your birthday invitation.

Elmo birthday party decoration

If your kids are obsessed with Sesame Street, scrapping a party decorations is definitely something your kids will love to do. Whatever crafts or party decorations your kids can join in and have fun together, let them participate, too. After all, it is your child’s birthday party!

Imagine how in awe your guest, including parents and their children, can be and they will just love it! This will create the best atmosphere that follows the theme of Elmo’s birthday party. And don’t be too quick to do it. With a little creativity and time, you and your family can really make this happen even more. Check out a list of ideas you can do below.

1. Make some party crafts with Elmo’s face using appropriate size brown paper, drawing supplies, and paper craft accessories such as a rubber band and miniature eyes. Also includes other characters from Sesame Street. Hang them in your party area or hand them out as a party favor for your guest.

2. Take a photo of your children wearing the Sesame Street t-shirt, including the Elmo doll and the Sesame Street toys. Put the picture in the frame and place it around your party area to decorate it. It can be on the front door, on the table or even on the wall.

3. Make your own Elmo theme triangle party streamer using stacks of colored paper. Be sure to use a template to draw a triangle before cutting them so that all the cuts are identical. Draw or cut and paste some pictures of Elmo and his friends from Sesame Street that you printed online. You can also add a sticker for decoration. Drill a hole in each triangle or use masking tape to attach a string from one triangle to another. Hang them from the ceiling.

4. Create a colorful atmosphere by hanging balloons around your party area. You can also make your own helium balloon arch using string that is already secured at both ends, or a non-helium balloon arch using thin aluminum wire (to make an arch and then tie both ends together with string on a pole), 2 poles (to make a balloon column) and PVC pipe to hold the pole. This decoration will sometimes take time but it is worth doing.

Elmo’s Birthday Party Games and Activities

Are your invitation and decoration ready? That’s great! Time to plan some fun games and activities. This is also another important element for a party because it is about getting everyone to participate as well. Imagine having a guest of yours at the party and not having any idea of ​​games and activities and it will definitely turn out to be a very calm and boring environment.

Remember, all children are winners. Give them a token of appreciation for participating, even if they don’t win the game.

1. Missing Elmo: The treasure hunt is a fun game for children. Gather all of Elmo’s toys and party favors around your party area, and let the kids go find them. Pair them in groups of two or three. You can customize the game to be a mission game.

2. Dancing contest:Have the kids dance while playing Sesame Street music on the audio player. The last person to stand on the dance floor wins the game. You can also adjust the level of difficulty by combining the game ‘Simon Says’, but this time his game ‘Elmo says’.

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