crystals to help with childbirth; helping in smooth, easy and fast plowing:

The all time classic crystal to help with childbirth would have to be Moonstone. If you could only choose one crystal, Moonstone would be it. Moonstone is the Divine Feminine stone; it works with the moon and cycles, covers the shift of energies from fertility to preparing the womb for conception, and then provides a smooth and easy process through pregnancy and childbirth and with breastfeeding. Moonstone also helps with fluid retention, which in late pregnancy can become a problem for some. It also helps deal with feelings of vulnerability that may arise, as well as balance your hormones and emotions.

There are several other crystals that may be of use to you at this time.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love; its calming energy provides emotional balance, security and peace. It allows you to truly embrace the unreserved love and magic of childbirth, allowing you to connect deeply with yourself, your baby, and the entire universe.

Azurite eliminates stress and worry and stimulates the development of the embryo in the womb.

Unakite is a good crystal for healthy pregnancies and to facilitate the health of the fetus.

At the end of pregnancy, some people find too much insomnia. Crystals such as amethyst, moonstone, nephrite jade, and howlite are very beneficial at this time and after birth.

Malachite facilitates the birth process and is also a very protective stone that can provide security during pregnancy and childbirth.

Moss Agate is good for labor as it helps with a smooth delivery and makes the process easier.

Jade is also good for childbirth as it is a very nourishing stone.

Peridot is an excellent facilitator of the birthing process.

Bloodstone and Carnelian are also good for work and will also keep you well grounded.

Larimar helps tune in to your innate femininity and restore your connection to nature. It is an excellent stone for mothers during and after pregnancy. It can ease postpartum depression and ease the stress associated with new parenthood.

Agate encourages regeneration and growth. Heals and protects the uterus, protects against prolapse of the uterus, and promotes normal shrinkage of the uterus after childbirth.

Dealing with the pain of childbirth can be a problem and amber, emerald, hematite, lapis lazuli, moonstone and moss agate can provide relief and support.

The most important crystal to help you in the process is the one that most attracts you or perhaps your favorite stone, and if it is one of the above, then much better.

Just keep the selected stone or stones with you, perhaps in a bag that you can keep nearby. It would be nice if you could keep them during delivery.

It would also be nice if you can create a small layout or grid using the above set under your pregnancy bed and then place it under the birthing bed or table if you can. Simply place the stones in a circle with a moonstone or rose quartz in the middle, or arrange according to your intuition. A circle was chosen because it represents uninterrupted loving energy, or the circle of life. What better way to bring a new soul into this life.

What I would suggest is placing the grid under the bed or mattress so the crystals are out of harm’s way. This is also the best place to maintain a constant flow of energy throughout the work and not to disturb the design.

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