Have you ever wondered what types of dogs are available for adoption at rescue houses and animal shelters? Below are some very common breeds and mixed breeds that are available in America at any given time. Wouldn’t a dog with the right personality fit in well in your home?

You may find a great breed of sporting dog at a shelter, kennel, or rescue mission. These types of dogs come in the form of spaniels, pointers, setters, and retrievers. These are great dogs for people who really enjoy being around their dogs. They are bred to work closely with their owners and are most comfortable working alongside you. They are comfortable on land and water and are a very popular breed for their ability to work closely with other animals. Some are bred for hunting and excel at many outdoor activities. They are completely loyal to their master and loving and protective of the entire family.

A working dog is a type of breed that has also been called a herding dog and that is because this dog enjoys being around other animals and helping his master do his job better. These dogs are great on a farm because they love to work and have energy to burn. Sometimes when you adopt a dog that has a strong herding instinct, it can be quite comical because these dogs will sometimes take your children to safety if they feel they might be in danger. They are extremely intuitive animals and always alert to any situation that may arise. An example breed of a working dog would be a Collie, Shepherd, Shepherd, Corgi, and Terrier.

A Scent Dog is a breed of dog that has a great ability to track prey, but that’s where they stop. The dogs notify you of their find, but do not act accordingly, they accept a signal that you would give. He knows that his job is to let you know that he has found a treasure and to let you discover the find. These types of dogs are used quite often in the field of law enforcement because hunting dogs have extremely sensitive noses and can detect even the slightest of odors if they know what scent they are smelling. The most common type of Scent Dog is the Bloodhound, but you will also find that the Bassett Hound, Beagle, and Dachshund and Fox Hound are some very popular types of Scent Dogs.

Many dogs you find at rescue shelters and pet adoption agencies are mixed breed or non-specific or non-sporting. They do not have a defined category for breed, but they do have many different characteristics and personalities that suit a family on an individual basis. Some are great entertainers, others better companions or guardians. Others are more suitable as working dogs or guard dogs. Most will have a more dominant breed in them with those characteristics and others have no distinction in breed personality. I know there is a dog that will suit everyone if you take the time to research the type of dog that would be most compatible for you.

If you love dogs and can provide them with a loving home, why not visit your local shelter, kennel, or rescue sanctuary first to see if you can find the dog you’ve always wanted? There are many homeless, but they are extraordinary animals if only given a chance.

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