The type of event you host will greatly influence the entertainment you need to hire. Whether it’s a formal corporate function, a wedding, a 21st birthday, a family reunion, or a fundraiser, you need to choose the right entertainment that suits your guests’ personalities and the occasion as well. You can choose to organize the entire event yourself, including hiring the venue, choosing the food, and booking the entertainment, or you may prefer to contact a party rental company and have them take care of everything. Regardless of what you choose, entertainment still needs careful consideration.

Formal corporate events

For a formal event, be it a gala dinner or a business-oriented event, appropriate entertainment should be arranged that is more conservative. Having a traveling belly dancer would not be appropriate, and neither would a heavy metal rock band. You can choose to start the evening with drinks in a separate lobby and have a string quartet playing or an A Capella group singing. Your entertainment could also be in the form of ice sculptures that are placed around the venue and carved into shapes that best represent the night or the company.

Thematic event

Themed events can range from a fancy formal evening to a casual party or daytime gathering. Themes are great to work with when you’re planning an event because you can tie everything together from costumes, food, decorations, and also your entertainment. For a corporate gathering, you can choose a masked ball or Arabian Nights theme. This is where it is appropriate to hire a belly dancer to entertain the guests, even if it is a more formal occasion it is acceptable within the theme. The themes open the doors to a wide range of entertainment ideas, limited only by your creativity. Choirs, face painting, storytellers, dancers, bands, puppeteers, artists or even a fire eater. The event could turn into quite a show if you have the right theme to work with.

A step back in time

Similar to choosing a theme, you may want guests to dress in period costume and the event to be based on a particular decade. Guests often love to wear costumes and it’s a great way to break the ice at any party as guests will most of the time be talking about their costume. You can choose to take your guests back in time, to ancient Rome or the Middle Ages, or you can just choose a more recent decade, such as the 1920s or 40s. When choosing an era, think about how you can decorate the place, what food I would continue with the theme and also what kind of music would be suitable. It can be a bit difficult to replicate lutes and other instruments found during the Camelot era, or it can be a bit interesting to dance, so maybe you can pick some time in the 20th century. A jazz band in the style of the twenties or a great band like the forties would get everyone up and dancing and it would be a party not easily forgotten.

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