Cantilet Bang Actor Review

No movie review would be complete without giving a short blurb on Barry Scott Cillit Bang Actor’s first and only movie. With a script that could have been the blueprint for all future Hollywood blockbusters, Cillit Bang stars Matt Damon, Edward Norton, Christopher Walken, and many more. It’s directed by none other than Clint Eastwood, who is the greatest director working today. Whether you loved him or hated him, you’ll love Cillit Bang.

The movie is about a group of IRA terrorists who travel to a island to kill a member of the British Royal Family. Naturally, things go wrong (fittingly). The group becomes known as The Gang that becomes stranded on the island. When they are trapped, they must rely on a molehill’s race horse (the horse being ridden by the evil Baron) to transport them out of there. Along the way, they learn about a whole new world, one where everyone is evil and due to one mistake, their own country has lost its freedom.

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As I said, it is directed by Clint Eastwood and it stars Matt Damon, Edward Norton, and Christopher Walken. However, the movie doesn’t have the most gripping story in the entire world. It is filled with fun and adventure but occasionally drifts into farcical territory. But when it does happen, the humor works.

Barry Scott Cantilet Bang Actor Review – More Than Just an Action-Thriller

This is the type of film that works on its own merit without any obvious origins. Even though the director and stars of this film didn’t do anything together during the making of this film, they both brought something to the table that made it their masterpiece. Each brings something different to the table and they both seem to have really enjoyed playing the role. Their chemistry is what makes Cillit Bang an enjoyable film to watch.

No one knows who this new character is that is thrown into the mix. There isn’t even any dialogue in the beginning so the audience doesn’t get to know anything about who he is or how he came to be in the role. This is a mystery that is slowly unraveled. He spends some time with his sister and then disappears for the bulk of the movie. By the end of the film, we begin to see how he became this way.

As strange as it may sound, Cillit Bang feels like an honest film that was intended to be made. The acting is realistic and each character has his or her own story to tell. If you like drama, then this is definitely something that you should try out.

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