One often asks about possible gift options for a religious friend. There are many significant Christian gifts ranging from a simple jeweled cross pendant to the Holy Bible. Like all gifts, size doesn’t really matter. It must be personal and have value in the life of the other person. Here are some suggestions for religious gifts.

1. The Bible:

The Bible is the most revered book in a Christian home and therefore the best spiritual gift. There are two main versions of the Bible. The Old and New Testaments compiled into one book and the Old and New Testaments available individually. The Bible is also a great gift for children; helps them grow in their faith. There are illustrated versions of the Bible for children. You can add a bookmark inscribed with a scripture passage to make it more meaningful.

two. Christian books:

The Bible is the most popular Christian book; however, there are also several other spiritual and instructional books. You can gift these books to your friend and help enrich their lives. The greatest advantage of these spiritual books is that they instruct through pleasure. They expose the deepest philosophies of life and interpretations of the Bible through stories and anecdotes.

3. Altar objects:

Every Christian home has a place reserved for an altar. The altar contains a series of elements such as the crucifix, the cross, the picture frames of Christ and the Virgin Mary, paintings of the nativity scene, statues, candles, anointing oils and incense. You can give your friend gifts for the altar of his house. Besides this, you can gift your friend a special item from the Holy Land, such as a piece of holy cloth or a jar of water from the holy Jordan River.

Four. Jewels:

Religious gift shops also display symbolic religious jewelry. They are made of durable materials; They are available in beautiful designs and are reasonably priced. There are necklaces, pendants, rings and bracelets inspired by religion. Religious jewelry is a perfect gift for a mother, sister, wife, or girlfriend. There are also pieces of jewelry for men.

5. Wall hangings:

Wall decoration and tapestries are another suitable option. This category includes paintings, ceramic wall crosses, and religious scrolls.

6. Audio and video tracks:

We are surrounded by technology everywhere. Technology has also influenced religious teaching. If your friend is too busy with work and doesn’t have time to read the Bible, an Audio Bible is a Christian gift item to consider. He or she can touch it when they drive to work. Bible study software packages are a remarkable educational tool for children. There are also games and puzzles that make learning the Bible series fun and easy. You can choose music or worship CDs that fit your friend’s musical interest in mind. You can also gift your friend a membership to an audiobook club where they can have access to a wide range of spiritual content, including audiobooks and music.

There are several online stores where you can buy authentic Christian gifts. Give your friend or family member a religious gift on special occasions such as Christmas and Easter or to celebrate sacraments such as Baptism, Communion or Confirmation.

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