Alienware M17x review: This laptop offers everything gamers could want in a mobile system

If you find Alienware M17x coupons, you definitely need to use them! This is a really powerful laptop that can be used for gaming and other multimedia. It offers as much as any gaming desktop, only with this machine you get mobility! Although it is heavy, it is still quite portable and with it, you will be able to take your games, movies and music with you wherever you go.

This laptop has a truly impressive all-metal design, complete with customizable LED lights. Even though many hardcore gamers don’t care much about looks, you will still be impressed with this design. This system is completely covered in metals, making it the most elegant looking laptop on the market! Plus, almost everything is illuminated, including the keyboard, touchpad overlay, power button, touch keys, and the alien head logo. You can even customize all of these pieces yourself with the colors of your choice!

With the fastest mobile processor on the market, 8GB of memory, lightning-fast NVIDIA cards, up to 1TB of storage capacity, and a primary Blu-ray optical drive, you really couldn’t ask for more. Unfortunately, all this also means that you will pay a lot of money. This type of system is not cheap. However, as mentioned above, there are Alienware M17x coupons available that will make everything cheaper for you if you order online.

This 11-pound laptop unfortunately doesn’t have the best screen in the world. You’d expect such a powerful model offering performance to have a flawless display, but that’s actually not the case. Certainly the screen itself is flawless; however, the screen is too bright, making it difficult to see in certain lighting conditions. This is the only complaint you will find when reading Alienware M17x reviews. You can minimize this problem somewhat by choosing the right background and dimming some of the surrounding light.

You can start saving with Alienware M17x coupons now! It’s easy to customize this laptop to meet all your needs and stay within your budget. Just use some Alienware M17x discounts that you can use on your order and you can save a lot of money!

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