The world seems to be completely obsessed with self-improvement. Whether it’s making more money or living longer, the marketing world of raw capitalism seen on any online website tries to sell you something. Their motivation to sell any product or service is based on our narcissistic culture.

We all seem more concerned with any service to ourselves than any service or product that can help the majority, or the rapid destruction of our planet. Our culture has diminished to a simple selfish grasp of anything that enhances our ability to endure the rigors of this life in which we are trapped.

Each individual is trained from childhood on how to compete in the open market. With the Internet now so readily available in the pocket of the average person living in the Western world, we can all see exactly what needs to be done to compete successfully.

The successful people of our 21st century world have created a standard that has now become a minimum requirement to be able to enter this highly competitive capitalist world we live in. Time management is the minimum requirement to survive, the way we spend the day will reflect how we can compete.

For example, even starting with a million dollars, we would soon collapse into nothingness if we bought everything we see advertised. The management of our life begins and ends with the management of time and the decisions that can change our lives every minute, we have to be disciplined, selective and demanding in order to survive in this world.

A successful competitor in our world needs to exercise and eat right every day. Good health isn’t just about longevity, it’s about how effective, how determined, and offers more than just cosmetic enhancement like muscle growth and fat loss.

The result of good health is someone who has the tenacity and sense of purpose that demonstrates your life management skills. Just by standing in a space, people will want to hear what that person is saying. The attitude towards good health management is self-perpetuating and based on time management.

In this capitalist dog-eat-dog world we live in, the only way to compete is with honesty, respect and integrity. The people who are at the top of their game are those who can be selective, knowing exactly what is true and what is real simply because they have the required inner workings to identify anything advertised that does not offer precisely what is being sold.

Unfortunately, this ability to be selective comes from education and with tens of thousands of new people logging in every day, the market for unscrupulous profit-making websites is on the rise. The list of fraudulent websites that have been identified seems to double every year.

Reading product and service reviews about something you might be interested in buying isn’t good enough these days. Too often, the website owner paid for a product review seen online, so we need to get a first-hand review before buying anything.

The best way to do this is by participating in forums where you can find someone who has used the service or bought the product that interests you. There are countless websites online that also offer a money-back guarantee that the service or product will meet your expectations.

The point is, life can seem very simple to a person with no online education for the first time. Websites that sell products that promise you will earn a million dollars or websites that guarantee that if you take this product or use this service you will live forever are a dime a dozen and people should be careful before parting with any money.

Our narcissistic culture must be approached with caution and hesitation due to the ever-increasing ability of sales pages to elicit a response from anyone who reads them. We first have to find out who we are so that any website that sells something about how we can improve must be seen from the perspective of the person who created the website.

The changes that occur every day are as unpredictable as the stock market, but somehow we all manage to survive despite our greedy natures. Hollywood makes billions of dollars a year selling us romance and wealth. The average person in the online world who may be reading this knows exactly what it takes to survive in this world.

People like us are paid for their specificity, the more precise we are in any skill, the easier it will be to sell. The dollar motivates everything in life, including romance and love, sadly. The ability to survive without money has long passed us by.

Our capitalist world is based on this selfish desire for self-improvement, it is this narcissistic culture that we have become that the fit will survive and the weak will perish. Karl Marx suggested that this capitalist culture was not our true human nature, but it has been shown to be wrong more than once with the collapse of communism.

Compassion, empathy, and forgiveness are not required to succeed in a capitalist world. It is lovely to see these emotions feel when you are not motivated by the dollar bill, our life is made up of these special moments where we see true human nature in someone’s eyes and not in a potential dollar bill.

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