There are various amounts of error messages that can definitely harm your 360 experience. As long as you are equipped and ready to take on the challenge, you can tackle many of these errors on your own and create a “special opportunity” and even win a great deal of money. cash.

Well, what are some of these mistakes that people refer to? Well, first of all, there are a series of E errors, usually followed by a few numbers. There are quite a few of them so maybe you can figure out what your mistake seems to be.

E45: This is generally considered a type of control panel error, there are certain ways to fix it.

E64: This type of DVD drive error will occur because there is a problem with the internal wiring of the console.

E65: This DVD drive error is most likely due to the tray simply not being fully closed, either that or the tray containing the disc is simply not working.

E66:This DVD drive error is firmware related, this problem is usually associated with those trying to modify their xbox, and the model of the “installed DVD” drive does not map correctly to the provided software.

E67: This error is usually a hard drive error generally associated with the hard drive connection, you can simply try removing the “removable hard drive” and reseating it to see if you get any results to resolve this error.

E68: This error is due to the console overheating, usually due to heat, poor ventilation, or air circulation; the connection is probably misplaced or bad.

E69: This is a hard disk error, follow the steps in explanation E67.

E71: General error, try restarting the console, if not, contact Microsoft

E72: This is an unknown bug and should be noted by an expert or by Microsoft itself!

E73 There is a problem with the Ethernet port, this problem can be attributed to it being broken or there could have been a major installation problem that needs to be resolved by Microsoft.

Error E74 It may be the result of an AV cable or the scaler chip found in ANA / HANA.

E76: Unknown error

E79 This may be a hard drive error, try contacting for professional help.

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